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Important: Avoid e-mailing attachments for news stories. Instead, copy and paste the text into the body of a regular e-mail.

Submitting News, Letters, and Photos
The Provost News is a weekly community newspaper that welcomes news, photos and letter to the editor submissions from the public.

News columns over the years have been popular for readers and can be submitted by correspondents from neighbouring towns or villages.

We also welcome information from local councils, groups, schools, clubs, churches and individuals. Wedding anniversaries of 50, 60 or 65 years or beyond are of interest to readers. All items are subject to editing.

Generally we have subscribers in these (plus other) areas that readers will enjoy seeing your submission: Provost, Hayter, Macklin, (Sask.), Chauvin, Bodo, Cadogan, Metiskow, Amisk, Hughenden, Czar. We also sell newspapers on area newsstands.
Want to submit a news item?
If you know of a noteworthy or unusual event that may take place, please let us know.

After writing or printing your news, re-read your information carefully before sending it to us.

You can get your message to us by:

Important: Avoid e-mailing attachments for news stories. Instead, copy and paste the text into the body of a regular e-mail.

Our main E-mail address is news@provostnews.ca

If you are having trouble with e-mailing your message to us at this address, please try rcholmes@agt.net which goes to a different computer.

When e-mailing, copy and paste your entire message(s) from your word processing program (ie. Word, Quark, etc.) and then paste it into the body of the e-mail message as if you were going to a write letter to us. Then follow up with us to make sure we have all of the material you have sent us.

Drop Into Our Office
We are
on the east side of Main Street in Provost, Alta. at 5111-50 St. We are in a black and white building with a sign that reads “The News”; if you find our building locked after hours you may be able to slip your news item through our mail slot near the bottom of our front door.

Fax Us
1-780-753-6117. Be aware however that any photos or logos are not clear enough to re-print. Kindly print or write clearly.

Phone Us
Please phone us (via voice 780-753-2564) afterwards to ensure we received your message. Please include your name and phone number in case we have a question.

Snail Mail or Courier (DHL, Purolator, or Greyhound)
The Provost News
5111-50 St.,
Box 180
Provost, Alta.
T0B 3S0

but be sure to allow time for delivery.

Please Note
If long weekends or weeks involving holidays are coming up, please enquire when your material should be in. Usually one day early is safe.

News & Letters to the Editor
To send in news items, submit them using the above methods (e-mail, stopping by, fax, phone, or mail).

Be sure to include attachments if sending photos via e-mail. Because photographs can overwhelm some e-mail inboxes in file size, send only one or two pictures in a single transmission and then indicate in subsequent e-mail messages that one or two or three etc. e-mail messages with attachments are coming so we know to wait or look for them. Do not edit photos before e-mailing them to us.

Do not send photos or artwork owned by a third party or marked Copyright. First get permission from the owner or creator;

Do not use material from our newspaper or other publications or creators without permission. To do so is an infringement of copyright law.

Call us to ensure we received your message with any relevant photos (in JPEG format) if applicable.

Some of our top stories and photos often find their way onto our website where they are displayed for about a week and then sent to an archive file that anyone can view at anytime.

If you want to see our main page just go to

or if you or your friends want to view archives that we have stored go to:

Another unique way to view some newspaper archived photos is by going to:

Anyone with a website can link to our site if they wish.

Those wanting us to link to their site: a monthly fee is applicable and would include a small display ad on our main page.

At time of writing, we are receiving approximately 150 hits every day (on average) to our main page along. The Jobs/Employment site is also very popular and approaching nearly 100 visits per day on average.
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© The Provost News.
Reproduction or other use is prohibited without permission of The Provost News.