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This Model 8 Linotype was saved from The Great Fire of Provost in 1946.

The Provost News' Model 8 Linotype (shown here) was pulled out of the main street News office south of Larson's Hardware by a tractor as flames threatened. The delicate typesetting machine tipped over and one of the arms broke. The press was also saved from the fire that destroyed three buildings after knocking out the back wall of the News office.

Other type and records were also saved as well except some a few old files up in the attic.

Ed Holmes and sons got the Lintoype operating in fine form and up to speed after arriving to purchase the newspaper in 1929.

Ed maintained however that he could set type quicker by hand as that's what he did all his life in England previous to this move to Canada and subsequent jobs in daily papers.

Photo left shows the Linotype resting in the back office of The Provost News. Although the Linotype was taken out of service in 1979 as new technology rolled in, it still remains fully functional to this day.

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