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Message from The Provost News' Editor
Welcome to our website that is updated every week!

Hundreds of Articles Online
You can find some rich highlights from our news and photo files by clicking here, which will bring up a visual snapshot of over 200 local images shot by our staff. Those images in turn have been linked to a story about that image (please try it out).

Or, if you want go to the top of this area and search our vast text files, by just clicking Archived Stories. The condensed stories go back to September 2000.

There are of course hundreds of stories that have been filed and printed in hard copy and kept at our offices at 5111-50 St. Provost.
Richard C. Holmes, Editor.
Want a Published Photo?
If you want a Provost News photo that we have kept, the electronic and copyrighted image may be available for $25 each and can be e-mailed to you. The images can not be used in any commercial way nor reproduced or stored or sent to anyone or group without the express written consent of Holmes Publishing Co. Ltd. or The Provost News.

Our website is maintained by webmaster Brett Holmes. This site has won both provincial and national awards. If you wish to view some of our provincial and national awards, please click here.

The Provost News Participates in:
We are members of both the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (www.ccna.ca/). Local editor Rich Holmes is a past president of AWNA (www.awna.com/) and is currently a director on both boards.

The Provost News is also a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Hours of Operation:
Our office on the east side of Main Street are generally 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. but in some cases this can vary. Please call us if you need to see us in person to make sure the person you are seeking is in. Sometimes we are out on news stories or taking picutres. We can sometimes be seen at meetings or events with pen and camera during the evening or weekends.

In our production offices we are operating G5 Mac computers while in our front office our bookkeeping is being handled by PC equipment.

We are also affiliated with Holmes Printing in the Medicine Hat operation. Holmes Publishing Co.’s Ron Holmes operates the latest in pre-press, press and bindery equipment. http://www.holmesprinting.ca/

Contacting Us
Phone: 780.753.2564
Fax: 780.753.6117
E-mail: provost_news@awnet.net

After e-mailing or faxing please ask us for confirmation that we received your message as sometimes they may be sent inadvertently to cyberspace doomed to circle the universe without reaching us.

The Provost News' History
The Provost News is one of the oldest newspapers in Alberta, founded in 1910—and one of the most progressive and award winning modern community newspapers.

If you are looking for more history about us, please click here.

Jobs and Employment Postings
If you are new to the area or seeking employment, please visit the site by clicking the Jobs ad on our main page or http://www.provostnews.ca/jobs/. This page has been quite popular since it was created as it's become the source for job and employment seekers in the Provost area.

This area is sponsored by the progressive Economic Development Committee of Provost which is a committee appointed by the Town of Provost and the M.D. 52. In this are you will find PDFs of current job listings. They are updated weekly and are exact relicas of our printed Employment pages. If you want your message listed in these pages, please contact our office via phone 780.753.2564; fax 780.753.6117; or e-mail us at provost_news@awnet.net

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© The Provost News.
Reproduction or other use is prohibited without permission of The Provost News.