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Where do you want your message?
Advertising deadlines
Please have your advertising message in to our office by Thursday noon. Your message may not run (without notice) if the deadline is missed. If long weekends or weeks involving holidays are coming up, please enquire when your material should be in. Usually one day early is safe.

Ad sizes and prices
Click here to see the most popular sizes (and their prices) customers place in The Provost News.

What we use:
G5 Power Macs running OS 10.3
QuarkXPress 6.5
Photoshop 7.0 and 8.0
Acrobat 6.0.2 Professional
Acrobat Distiller 6.0.2

If wanted we will be happy to assist with advice on your ad to reach our readers.
Generally we have paid subscribers in these (plus other) areas: Provost, Hayter, Macklin, (Sask.), Chauvin, Bodo, Cadogan, Metiskow, Amisk, Hughenden, Czar. We also sell newspapers on area newsstands.

After writing or printing your ad, re-read your information carefully before sending it to us.

You can get your message to us by:
• Drop into our office on the east side of Main Street in Provost, Alta. at 5111-50 St. We are in a black and white building with a sign that reads “The News”;

• Snail mail us your message:
Address to: The Provost News, Box 180, Provost, Alta., T0B 3S0 but be sure to allow time for delivery.

• Fax us your message: 1-780-753-6117. Be aware however that any photos or logos are usually not clear enough to re-print. Kindly print or write clearly. Please phone us (via voice 780-753-2564) afterwards to ensure we received your fax. Please put your name and phone number on the fax and indicating what weeks you want this to run. Please include also your fax number in case a proof is required;
• E-mail us your message:

Our main E-mail address is:

If you are having trouble with e-mailing your message to us at this address, please try:
rcholmes@agt.net which goes to a different computer.

Be sure that you remember to include attachments if you have any, like logo or photos.

Because photographs can overwhelm some e-mail inboxes, send only one or two pictures in a single transmission and then indicate in subsequent e-mail messages that one or two or three etc. e-mail messages with attachments are coming so we know to wait or look for them.

* Including PDFs may or may not work. Many computer programs may be capable of creating PDFs but often they may be lacking for what is needed in newspaper production. If you plan to send a PDF or get someone else to do it on your behalf it is important to ensure that when creating that PDF file, that including all fonts (or embedding all fonts) is activated. If it is not the PDF will not be able to be read by us.

* Sending attachments. Please send attachments only for photographs or artwork. Generally do not alter the original photograph that you send. If the photos are over 3 megabytes each, split them up and send in separate e-mails to us.

Attachments in Word and other programs.
Because there are dozens of word processing packages used by hundreds of computer users it is unreasonable to expect us to be able to open all attachments. We can’t. Therefore, for the text of an ad, copy and paste the entire message(s) from your computer screen and then paste it into a simple e-mail message as if you were going to write us a letter: Dear Provost News, Here is the text of my ad: (that then follows). Then follow up with us to make sure we have all of the material you have sent us.

We do not create PDFs for individual proofing to e-mail back. We can however fax a proof to you if required.

PDF Production Guidelines
All fonts must be embedded. We prefer that you turn subsetting off. When possible, use Type 1 Postscript fonts instead of Truetype fonts. Please do not use CID (AKA OpenType or Multi-byte) or Multiple Master fonts.

Image Resolution
Distiller should be set for Bicubic Downsampling to 200 dpi for Color and Grayscale Bitmap Images, and 600 dpi for Monochrome Bitmap images.

Image Compression
Grayscale and colour images should be compressed using ZIP compression and a quality setting of 8-Bit. Please don’t set image compression to JPEG or AUTOMATIC. Black and white line art images should be compressed using ZIP or CCIT Group 4 compression.

Process Colour Ads
Please provide a composite (CMYK) version of any process color ads. Pre-separated files are no longer necessary.

Spot Colour Ads
Please provide a composite spot-color PDF file. Also provide a CMYK composite file (for papers that run the ad on a CMYK page).
Pre-separated files are not necessary.

Adobe InDesign
Write a Postscript file using File/Print. Then distill the Postscript file using Adobe Acrobat. EPS files from InDesign and Quark sometimes leave out necessary elements.

Colour Settings
Colour settings should be set to “Leave Color Unchanged.” Overprint settings should be “Preserved”, but turn off Undercolor Removal, Transfer Functions and Halftone Information. In any version of Distiller (except v.4) set Transfer Functions to “Apply”. Users of Distiller 4 should turn off “Preserve Transfer Functions”.

Security Settings
Please do not enable any security settings.

Proof your PDF

Please print and review a copy of the finished PDF file before submitting it. Check particularly to ensure that fonts are embedding properly. Acrobat 6.0 Professional users should check the color separations using Acrobat Professional’s color separation tool.

If required proofs may be sent to you.

Classified Ads
Want Ads, etc, minimum $8.40 (includes GST) first insertion for 20 words, 15¢ per word extra thereafter plus GST; each consecutive insertion, minimum $7.35 (includes GST) and 12¢ per word extra over 20 words plus GST. Card of Thanks, In Memoriams, Announcements, etc, $10.50 (includes GST), over 20 words 10¢ per word extra plus GST. Legal Advertising, 80¢ per count line, each subsequent insertion 70¢ per count line plus GST.
e-mail us at advertising@provostnews.ca
or order over our website provostnews.ca by going to:


Network Classified Advertising
Get your local classified ad in 4 area newspapers: The Consort Enterprise, The Macklin Mirror, The Oyen Echo and The Provost News all for only $30 per week (plus 5% GST) for up to 25 words. Over 25 words, $1 per word extra + GST. Payment with order. Deadline for this is noon Fridays. Easy. Fast. Convenient.

Blanket Classified Ads
Try classified advertising which reaches 8 of 10 non-metro Alberta and NWT homes for as little as $249 for 25 words or less. Additional words are $8 each plus GST.
Your ad will appear in approximately 112 AWNA community newspapers (including The Provost News) which blankets Alberta and the Northwest Territories.
It's a Fact. Classified ads are one of the most highly-read community newspaper sections, providing advertisers with a high awareness advertising vehicle.
AWNA Classified Ads Deliver!
Reach: Over 80% of Alberta's non-metro households
Readership: Over 95% of all adults living in those households
Results: AWNA newspapers deliver — efficiently and effectively
To Order classified ads for Alberta, contact us or go to or go to:

All ads subject to GST.
* Participating newspapers retain the right to reject any advertisement which does not meet with their advertising standards.

Weekly deadline for orders is 1:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) Wednesday for the following week (Alberta only).
National Reach Through Classified Ads

Want to reach a national audience? The Provost News can place your blanket classified ads across Canada.

Other Things:
Call us to ensure we received your message with all relevant artwork if applicable.
Do not send us photos or artwork that is owned by a third party or marked Copyright on it. First get permission from the owner or creator.
Do not use material from our newspaper or other publications or creators without permission. To do so is an infringement of copyright law.

Spot and process colour is available.

National Ad Agencies:

We are a member of, and represented by
The Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association:

The Provost News is also a member of ComBase and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association.
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Reproduction or other use is prohibited without permission of The Provost News.