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August 17, 2011
We (Nearly) Have Ignition
Driver of this 1955 Chev Belair alcohol funny car, Cory Kincaid (back) waits as the clock ticks and his crew works on an ignition problem before he can get in the racing line-up. The job was done on time for the unit to perform at the Provost airport on Saturday afternoon, August 13 at the second annual drag races. Front: helper (dad) Kenny Kincaid offers his expertise as grease monkey Duane Giesbrecht (centre) and Mark Weultjes work on the fix. ©Provost News Photo.
Piranhas Bring Back Provincial Swim Medals
Twenty-five swimmers from the Provost Piranhas Swim Club qualified for the Alberta Summer Swimming Association Provincial Championship hosted in Calgary at the Talisman Centre on August 12, 13 and 14. Twenty-three of those swimmers attended. The club brought home one silver and four bronze medals.

Girls 8 and under: Brigitte Bouma – 100m IM – 8th; Jill Meier – 25m butterfly – 13th, 50m breaststroke – 13th.

Girls 9 and 10: Shelby Paulgaard – 25m breaststroke – 8th, 50m breaststroke – 12th, 100m IM – 16th.

Boys 9 and 10: Will Bouma – 25m breaststroke – 5th, 200m freestyle – 12, 50m breaststroke –disqualified.

Girls 11 and 12: Jessica Enzenauer – 100m butterfly – 15th; Kristen Pylypow – 100m freestyle – 9th, 400m freestyle – 13th, 50m freestyle – 14th, 200m freestyle – 14th.

Boys 11 and 12: MacKenzie Bouma – 50m breaststroke – bronze, 100m IM – 4th, 100m breaststroke – 4th, 50m backstroke – 5th.

Girls 13 and 14: Kylee Brad – 50m butterfly – 11th, 100m butterfly – 12th, 100m freestyle – 14th, 50m freestyle – 15th; Kaitlyn Knox – 100m breaststroke – 5th, 50m breaststroke – 5th, 100m backstroke – 11th, 200m IM – 14th; Kaylee Pylypow – 400m freestyle – 4th, 200m freestyle – 5th, 100m freestyle – 7th, 50m freestyle – 8th; Hailee Schmidt – 100m backstroke – 10th, 50m backstroke – 13th, 200m freestyle – 14th.

Girls 15 to 17: Brittany Bouma – 50m butterfly – bronze, 50m freestyle – 5th, 100m breaststroke – 6th, 100m freestyle – 9th; Rachel Bouma – 50m breaststroke – 8th, 50m backstroke – 11th, 100m breaststroke – 14th, 200m IM – disqualified.

Boys 15 to 17: Ryan Hauck – 100m breaststroke – 12th, 50m freestyle – 12th, 50m butterfly – 12th, 50m breaststroke – 15th; Joey Wagner – 100m butterfly – 11th, 50m freestyle – 11th.

Girls 18 and Over: Rebecca Allen – 100m backstroke – silver, 50m backstroke – bronze, 200m IM – 4th, 400m freestyle – 5th.

Girls 8 and under 100m medley relay: Jenna Degenstien, Jill Meier, Brigitte Bouma, and Shayna deKoning – 12th.

Girls 14 and under 200m medley relay: Kaylee Pylypow, Shaylyn Beier, Hailee Schmidt, and Kylee Brad – bronze.

Boys 17 and under 200m medley relay: MacKenzie Bouma, Will Bouma, Ryan Hauck, and Joey Wagner – 10th.

Girls open 200m medley relay: Rebecca Allen, Rachel Bouma, Brittany Bouma, and Karen Wagner – 5th.

Full story in August 17 edition of The Provost News.
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Bus Service to End But Greyhound to Enhance Package Delivery
Full story in August 17 edition of The Provost News.
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Czar Paving Project Gets Generous Boost
Full story in August 17 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "Is the Pool Water Too Warm, Too Cold or Just Right?"
. . . and we heard answers from Trinity Stuber, Taryn Ganser, Camden Stuber and Colton Ganser. Check out the August 17 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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