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October 20, 2010
Despite assurances from mom Stacy Bond (left)—eight year old Matthew says “Ow” as public health nurse Nicole Sayer administers a vaccination shot in Provost to combat A/Perth and B/Brisbane strains of ’flu that are expected this fall and winter. A dose was also included in the single needle to fight against the H1N1 pandemic that had circulated in 2009. The World Health Organization declared the H1N1 pandemic over in August 2010 but it’s predicted that the virus will continue to circulate so protection against it has been included with the seasonal influenza vaccine. The triple vaccine is available free through clinics across Alberta. ©Provost News Photo.
Voters Make Choices in Municipal Elections
Voters in the area voted in municipal elections on Monday, October 18, electing local people to fill public positions.

An advance poll was also held on Thursday, October 14 for the Town of Provost and Tuesday, October 12 for the M.D. of Provost.

Late Monday night unofficial information was made available:

• Town of Provost
Provost residents re-elected Ken Knox as mayor by acclamation but an election for council seats had eight people running for six seats.
Those elected were:
Dwayne J. Chopek (incumbent) with 212 votes; J. Michael Dennehy (incumbent) with 209 votes; Dale F. Gregory (incumbent) with 249 votes; Kelly Heinrich, with 219 votes; Margaret (Peggy) E. McFadyen (incumbent) with 259 votes; and Neil E. Whiting (incumbent) with 218 votes;
Also running for a town council seat but not elected was Terilyn S. Paulgaard with 142 votes and Todd Vaillant who had 186 votes.

• MD Provost No. 52
There were two contests held in the M.D. Provost No. 52.

Division 1:
Richard Larson was declared the winner with 40 votes in Division 1.
Also running were Lonnie Kozlinski who had 24 votes and Alicia Hauck who had 11 votes.
The seat had been held by Tom Schneider who did not run again.
Division 3:
Lenard Kjos (incumbent) with 78 votes was declared the winner.
Also running was Warren Heisler who had 68 votes.
In by acclamation in other M.D. 52 areas were:
Division 2: Allan Murray (incumbent).
Division 4: Barrie Tripp (incumbent);
Division 5: Jack Roworth (incumbent);
Division 6: Darryl Motley (incumbent); and
Division 7: Darryl Carson.

• East Central Alberta Catholic Separate Schools
The East Central Alberta Catholic Separate Schools Regional Division No. 16 for its Provost ward elected both incumbents Debra Klein and Greg Ibach by acclamation.

• Village of Czar
The Village of Czar elected three councillors by acclamation: Mary Dambrowsky (incumbent), Angela Large and Jason Manning (incumbent).

• Village of Hughenden
The Village of Hughenden had been seeking three councillors and elected by acclamation were Aaron Gramlich, Lee Van Koughnett and Marje Swelin.

•Buffalo Trail Public Schools
In by acclamation for Buffalo Trail Public Schools, Provost School Division No. 33 was Dave Nelson; while Wainwright School Division No. 32 electoral subdivision No. 2 (Chauvin/ Edgerton) is Cheryl MacIsaac, also by acclamation. For the County of Minburn No. 27, elected was Alice McLaughlin with 309 votes while Shirley Wonsik had 144. Elected to represent Wainwright School Division No. 32, Electoral Subdivision No. 1 (Town of Wainwright) was Heather Dewling with 335 votes while Gail Belanger had 222. For Electoral Subdivision No. 3 (Irma) elected was Sheldon Archibald with 375 votes while Lyle Holderbein had 139. For the County of Vermilion River No 24, Electoral Subdivision No. 1 (Town of Vermilion), Bernie Huedepohl was elected with 249 votes while Margaret Templeton had 116. Also elected to the Buffalo Trail Public Schools, for Electoral Subdivision No. 4 was Lanie Parr with 377 votes while Miles Latimer had 124 votes.

• Village of Chauvin
The Village of Chauvin elected five councillors by acclamation: Jack Goodall, Valerie Gramlich, Gary Zunti, Lance LaPierre and Christine Smith.

• Village of Amisk
The Village of Amisk elected three councillors by acclamation: Arnold Nordin, Mervin Anholt and Tim Taylor.

• MD Wainwright
Elected to the Wainwright M.D.’s Division 1 which includes the Chauvin area was Oscar Buck with 105 votes. Also running was Arnold (Sam) Seim who had 66 votes.
In Division 2 it was Ted Wilkinson elected with 109 votes while Jim Sparks had 65.
In Division 4 elected was Phil Valleau with 184 votes while Brad Scribner had 97.
Bruce Cummins was elected councillor in Division 5 with 101 votes while Keith Brower had 97.

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It’s Small Business Week
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Earns Governor General’s Academic Medal
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