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One Country.
One Community.
One Day.

June 16, 2010
The community pauses this weekend to celebrate Provost’s 100th anniversary since incorporation—January 24, 1910. The Provost News is also marking its centennial with its first edition appearing on March 18, 1910. This aerial photo, taken recently shows a growing, prosperous and active community propelled by the energy of its local and area residents. ©Provost News Photo.

Test Your Knowledge
100 Questions—as taken from files of The Provost News
With both The Provost News and the community of Provost marking its 100th anniversary celebrations this newspaper is pleased to present 100 questions to test your skill.
Answers at the end:

1. Second generation Chauvin mail route courier that retired in 1998.
2. Alberta Wheat Pool and Manitoba Pool merged and what was their new name?
3. Who bought Junction Car and Truck Wash and changed the name to Provost Car and Truck Wash?
4. Top steer wrestler at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in 1998.
5. What two people received golden hammers for spending a half century in the hardware business?
6. Which village did not have an election from 1915 -1941?
7. In 1941, what time did the village council say shops have to close on Saturdays?
8. What committee organized parcels to be sent to the soldiers serving overseas during WWII?
9. Who was the first baby born in the new Provost Health Care Centre on October 1, 1976?
10. Name five members of the Dew Drop Singers.
11. In September, 1976 what did it cost to mail a one ounce letter to a Canadian address?
12. What were most of the sidewalks made of in 1949?
13. What event was Provost awarded with that took place in July, 1993 with up to 2,000 athletes?
14. Who is the local potter that has had her work displayed at the Montreal Olympic Games?
15. What business was located between O.K. Economy Store and Harford's Department store?
16. In 1993 the name of the Provost fairgrounds was changed to what?
17. Who was awarded the Medal of Bravery for jumping into a cistern to rescue a 14 year old boy on August 15, 1983?
18. What Hayter farmer makes bullets that he uses for silhouette shooting?
19. Which two municipal districts joined together to form Municipal District of Provost No. 362?
20. Who was the managing editor of The Provost News on July 1, 1970?
21. What baby received a life-saving bone marrow transplant following her birth in December 1994?
22. What group owned The Gallery on Main Street, Provost?
23. How many times has The Provost News been published on February 29 from 1910 to 1984?
24. What man was treated for hantavirus pulmonary syndrome?
25. A mercy plane flew a serum from New York to Edmonton and then the drug was dropped by parachute in the Provost hospital grounds to combat what disease in a five year old girl?
26. What building burned twice in two weeks?
27. Who brews up Alberta Maple Sugar near Metiskow?
28. Who named Capt. Ayre Lake?
29. What person formerly of Metiskow marked her 103rd birthday?
30. What year was the Provost High School opened at a cost of $50,000?
31. There were three grain elevators demolished in Amisk in July 1983. What companies owned these elevators?
32. What town or village is Caversham Ave. located?
33. In 1948 and prior, what was delivered door to door in Provost by a man and his horse?
34. Who built racing chariots north of Metiskow?
35. What women's league was formed on August 23, 1950?
36. What year did the last commercial grain elevator crash to the earth in Provost?
37. What former school became the clubhouse for the Legion in 1953?

Complete story in June 16 edition of The Provost News.
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Editorial: Celebrating a Century of Progress
This weekend the community of Provost will mark 100 years of success.

Even though some settlers first came to this site before the village was incorporated and the official anniversary was actually back on January 24, it’s this weekend that you can congratulate yourself if you have ever lived in Provost or do now. For it’s a town with drive, energy, compassion, progress—and a general feeling of community.

In the Volume 1, Number 1 edition of this newspaper (then called The Provost Star; we too are celebrating our centennial this year) it was noted by the paper on its front page under a long column titled “Provost.” that “Two years ago the first resident of Provost crossed the plains in a prairie schooner, and erected the first building on the townsite. His descendant now number about 250 people.”

It was reported in that entire hand-set first edition, that even though the railroad did not reach the village until December 1909, a chartered bank had already been operating—and still is today along with two other financial institutions which reflects the growth and economic success of the town.

In the first year of farming at least 30,000 bushels of wheat were shipped out at 80 cents per bushel which reflected the main income at that time. Of course wheat and other grains and livestock now—along with oil and gas now generate many millions of dollars of value for the community and of course for the tax man which helps our great province and dominion. We have sent men and women to fight for our nation in two world wars, Korea and now Afghanistan in the cause of freedom and liberation. We have gone from the use of the telegraph 100 years ago—which was quite good technology at that time—to even better—the telephone and even video-phone and internet connections to reach all corners of the globe in a moment.

We have had excellent schools and inspiring teachers over the decades, good government from our village and town council which is evident as you look around yourself today. And the merchants over the last 100 years have worked hard to earn a living and supply a vast variety of goods from food to combines to clothing, computers, hardware, software—and more while other talented men and women supply a variety of needed services.

We too are blessed with a variety of churches, sports venues, medical staff and a hospital with roots dating back to the earliest days, many volunteer groups over the years, modern roads and communications, expert police service to maintain law and order, and more recently a museum to help record pieces of our history. And of course our same railway still transports all of the locally-grown grain to international markets.

We have been blessed over the past 100 years and feel assured that Provost will continue to be a “pattern of progress” into its next century.

Take a break from work—relax and enjoy the events this weekend. Celebrate a century of community life in a rural setting.
Happy birthday Provost!

Richard Holmes, Editor

Full editorial in June 16 edition of The Provost News.
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Local Cowboys Win High School Championships, Advancing to Wyoming Finals
Complete story in June 16 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "What Are Your Fondest Memories of the Good Old Days in Provost?"
. . . and we heard answers from Larry Schumacher, Stella Manske, Gilbert Fleck and Florence Fossen. Check out the June 16 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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