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July 21, 2010
Luke Stang (front) along with Kylen Dumont (centre) and Kalayna Dumont (left) found a way to beat the heat on a hot Thursday, July 15 afternoon. The trio took to the slip ‘n’ slide on the front lawn at a house near the old swimming pool to cool off. Two year old Braylin Stang (photo in print version of The News) was more inclined to hang out a few metres back where she could keep dry. ©Provost News Photo.

Ag. Society Intends to Develop Land For Parking
The land north of the Agriplex will become a parking lot, says Provost and District Agricultural Society president Richard Larson, after a unanimous vote at a recent ag. society meeting.

The land, which has never been developed, has received more attention since the location of Crescent Point Place was chosen. With hockey and curling rinks in close proximity to one another, parking will be at a premium come winter.

The ag. society owns the land and had been discussing what to do with it for the past year. In May a decision was made and then an application for a provincial Community Incentive Program grant was made. If accepted, the grant would cover half of the total $122,000 cost to develop the parking lot. The grant decision will not be known until September, and if it’s a “yes” then ground will be broken immediately after, says Larson.

It’s expected the parking lot would take approximately one month to construct but will not be paved anytime soon. A quote for paving was $300,000 which is too pricey for the non-profit charitable organization.

“The general perception is the ag. society has a lot of money,” said Elmer Paulgaard, “We don’t.” Paulgaard is a director on the ag. society board, and chairman for the committee for the development of the lot.

Another grant from Farm Credit Canada worth $25,000 has been applied for but it won’t be until November before the society gets word on that one.

Complete story and photo in July 21 edition of The Provost News.
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Piranhas Have Success at Wainwright and Ponoka Swim Meets
The Provost Piranhas Swim Club competed in Wainwright on July 10 and 11 in the Torpedoes’ annual swim meet. The club had a great weekend, and here are the results:
Girls 9 and 10: Jenna Beier – 50m breaststroke – 4th, 25m breaststroke – 6th.
Boys 9 and 10: Brett Schmidt – 50m backstroke – 4th, 25m backstroke – 10th.
Girls 11 and 12: Shaylyn Beier – 50m breaststroke – 3rd, 100m breaststroke – 3rd, 50m butterfly – 4th, 100m IM – 4th, 50m backstroke – 8th, 50m freestyle – 9th; Kaitlyn Knox – 50m breaststroke – 1st, 100m IM – 1st, 100m breaststroke – 1st, 50m backstroke – 2nd, 100m backstroke – 3rd, 50m freestyle – 3rd; Kristen Pylypow – 100m freestyle – 1st, 400m freestyle 2nd, 50m freestyle – 2nd, 200m freestyle – 3rd, 100m backstroke – 6th, 100m IM – 9th; Hailee Schmidt – 200m freestyle – 2nd, 100m IM – 3rd, 50m backstroke – 3rd, 400m freestyle – 4th, 50m butterfly – 6th, 50m breaststroke – 6th.

Rest of results in July 21 edition of The Provost News.
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Local Products off to National Competitions
Complete story and photos in July 21 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "What Big Rodeo do you Dream of Competing in?"
. . . and we heard answers from Jordan Hansen, Shay Marks, Valerie Frey and Justin Hodgson. Check out the July 21 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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