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December 1, 2010
Good Aim
Provost sharp shooter Wes Ganser sees an opening at the Daysland hockey net on Friday night (top) and follows through to tie the game in the final minutes (bottom). The Blades senior hockey club went on to edge the visitors in a shoot-out at the end of regulation play—coming up with the win, 5-4. The Blades have four wins and two losses so far this season. ©Provost News Photos.
Speakers Urge Caution on Wind Turbine Development
• Heavy Spending on Hold as Windlab Seeks Partner; May Sell Project
• M.D. Developing Plan to Deal With New Industry Here

A public meeting organized by a Hayter-area resident to discuss the proposed development of wind turbine use in the area was held on Friday night, November 26 at the Legion Hall in Provost.

Charlene Hager, who lives north of Hayter near an area that may have a wind farm developed, organized the 7 to 10:10 p.m. meeting which was attended by approximately 45 people.

Turbine use is growing around the world in the creation of electricity.

Hager said at the meeting that she was told by a representative of Windlab Developments Canada Ltd. that the project is on hold. She said that Windlab’s project manager for the proposed wind farm, Kip Clancy told her on Friday, November 26 in a telephone conversation that energy prices were no longer viable for this company to proceed with the project. Hager told those present that she was informed that the project will be “put on the market” in January to other wind developers. Clancy had been invited to the November 26 meeting, but declined, she said.

Clancy told The Provost News in a phone interview from his office in Calgary on Monday, November 29 that a move to seek partners or sell the project was “no secret . . . not even at our open house” in July. “We never said we had the cash to construct” and have always been looking for a capital partner from the start to help with construction costs.

Clancy says that with low natural gas prices in Alberta come low electricity rates and that it’s not just wind energy that is difficult to compete against the current low gas rates. “Coal is what drives electric prices in Alberta” and, says the Windlab spokesman such cheap assets have been paid off for decades.

He however is “very hopeful” that the project will go ahead as Windlab in the meantime will hold back on any major spending on the development side. Windlab, he says will continue to search the marketplace to see if another firm wants to take on the project—with or without them.

“It’s a great project on a great land base” says Clancy who points out the project suspension is strictly a market price issue with the current price of electricity. “If electricity (prices) goes up we’d be full steam ahead.”

Windlab has hired a professional broker to help gauge the market and “We hope to have something done with the project by June 2011” meaning a sale to a buyer or a joint partner in place by that time.

“It’s still a fantastic project.”

Plans had been worked on for wind turbines to be built between Provost and Chauvin in 2011.

Complete story in December 1 edition of The Provost News.
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Women Make Hats for People With Cancer
At least seven women have banded together and put their knitting and crocheting talents to the test in an effort to help people with cancer by keeping them warm with free toques.

The women, who all live at Hillcrest Lodge are working on dozens of colourful hats for people from here—two are now wearing the hats in Provost—while more of the warm toques will be sent across Alberta to those who want them.

Complete story in December 1 edition of The Provost News.
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Czar Oddfellows Donate $10,000 For Paving
Complete story in December 1 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "Are You Hoping For a Warm Holiday This Winter?"
. . . and we heard answers from Val Kemp, Leo Fleck, Andrea Zarchikoff and Tom Kemp. Check out the December 1 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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