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June 3, 2009

Two cannon balls attached to a chain was designed to be used in battle but the device is now on display at the Provost and District Museum. The Re-Inventors’ double barreled cannon was being checked out by Dave Pollom of Strome, Alberta on Saturday afternoon, May 30 who says “It’s pretty nice, it’s neat. ” ©Provost News Photo.

Bizarre, Forgotten Creations Now at Re-Invented Museum
The Provost and District Museum has been re-organized—and re-invented with the official opening of approximately 20 new strange exhibits at a ceremony on Saturday afternoon, May 30.

The exhibits come from a television production company in Regina that takes ideas from inventions and re-creates them to see if they actually work. The hit television show shown around the world is called The Re-Inventors and after their experiments are built, filmed and then set aside, they are finding a new home at the museum in Provost.

Hosts of the show, Matt Hunter and Jeremy MacPherson were in Provost to take part in the official opening of the new exhibits along with other members of the operation including Chris Triffo director of the Re-Inventors, Partners in Motion’s Ron Goetz, and two cameramen and other staff.

The hosts of the show MacPherson and Hunter  dig up strange inventions from history and bring them to life from scratch. Each half hour episode features a different invention: from a 15th century water-powered saw (now in Provost) to a 20th century life pod designed to protect shipwreck victims from the elements, rocks, and sharks—which was on display inside the museum for all to see on Saturday. Some of the experiments succeed, and some fail—while others get blown up in the process. One display is a very old idea: a large machine gun designed by artist and mathematician da Vinci. Another unit is a four arm catapult, and a wind vehicle.  A part chariot part scythe was designed to cut down troops in early wars. Another  is the monowheel also inside the museum; another is called the snow annihilator and was in Provost last fall and is also on the museum grounds. 

“It took us weeks to build these things” said one of the hosts who was happy that the exhibits were saved and now displayed in Provost. 

An unmanned war kite can be seen towards the ceiling inside. It was designed to set off explosions in the air to come down on an enemy. It “flew great” said one of the show’s hosts.

Several of the devices are on display outside and some are inside.

Complete story and photos in June 3 edition of The Provost News.
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11 Students Graduate at Dr. Folkins School in Chauvin
Graduation ceremonies at Dr. Folkins High School in Chauvin honoured 11 Grade 12 students on Saturday evening, May 30.

Full story and photos in June 3 edition of The Provost News.
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Town Wants $900,000 Grant From Feds For Activity Centre
• New Daycare Might Operate in Main Street Building
The regular meeting of the Town of Provost for May was held on Tuesday, May 19.

Council plans to submit an application through a Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program for financial assistance for completion of the interior of the Provost Regional Activity Centre. Administrator Judy Larson said the amount being asked for will be $937,785.

The signing of the FortisAlberta electric service agreement for the Regional Activity Centre was ratified.

Special constable assistance will be requested for the Kinsmen Splash and Smash event June 19 to 21.

Full story and photos in June 3 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "What’s the Main Issue Facing Indian People in Canada Today?"
. . . and we heard answers from Louis Delver, Mary Steinhauer, Adrian Redcrow, Harrison Steinhauer and Linda Makokis. Check out the June 3 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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