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February 25, 2009
Provost Peewees in Playoff Action

This Provost player (right) scores on a brief breakaway to pull his peewee team within one goal of Dewberry in playoff action at the Provost Arena on Saturday, February 21. This first period goal made the score 3-2 for the visitors. Provost managed to pull ahead and win the game 5-4. ©Provost News Photo.

Garbage Dump Filling Up; Next Area Being Prepared
19% of Waste Was Recycled in 2008
The first phase of the Provost M.D. No. 52 Regional Landfill site north west of town is filling up and this summer operations will shift nearby to phase two which is a larger area set aside for garbage. The second phase of land should last longer than the first one.

Spokesman for the M.D. 52 Waste Management Authority, Iris Larson told The News that the authority is “concerned about the expense involved in landfilling recyclable items.” That expense can come when the landfill is filled with items that can be used elsewhere and costs are incurred preparing a new site.

The area by the current landfill called phase one is nearly full but planning has been taking place during the last five years and some construction of phase two has taken place.
Land used for phase one is still useful as much of it was reclaimed in 2008 and is now leased for agricultural purposes.

The new phase is immediately south east of the current landfill and one “cell” has already been dug. Other cells will be dug as needed. The new fence alone cost $30,000 to put up around the new area that is approximately 150 metres by 70 metres.

Construction costs for the new site will be paid for by the Waste Management Authority which is comprised of the M.D. 52, the Town of Provost and the villages of Czar, Hughenden and Amisk.

In 2008, the landfill saw about 4,745,285 kilograms of waste pass over the scale. Of that, nearly one million kilograms was given a second chance as 923,180 kilograms, or 19 per cent, was recycled. The difference, 3,822,105 kilograms was buried.

Larson says the authority is looking into recycling of other items like milk cartons and milk jugs. Recycling, does cost money but in the long run it saves dollars because it doesn’t have to be buried and more space made available, she says.

Since local municipalities have gone to more recycling in recent years “we have seen a reduction in the amount of kilograms of garbage being hauled.”

Figures show that the amount of waste that was recycled jumped by 11 per cent from 2007 to 2008 while the amount of waste buried fell 14 per cent over that same time.

Full story and photos in February 25 edition of The Provost News.
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M.D. Appoints Metiskow Advisory Committee
The regular meeting of the Municipal District of Provost No. 52 was held Thursday, January 8 with all councillors present. Following is an unapproved summary of the meeting.

Council authorized the following:

To close all that portion of road plan 872-1254 shown as Cut-off within the NE-19-40-6 W4 and the SE-30-40-6 W4 and adjoining government road allowance containing 6.92 hectares (17.1 acres), more or less.

Full story in February 25 edition of The Provost News.
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Hughenden Girl Wins Trip to the United Nations
Photos and story in February 25 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "Would You Like to Bike Across Canada?"
. . . and we heard answers from Ben Doetzel, Christa Craig, Daniel Gross, Cara Bolz, and Torie Stang. Check out the February 25 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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