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September 24, 2008
70 Years on the Land

Philip Scheck is shown in the top picture on the family land six miles west of Bodo during this year’s harvest operations. His son Bruce notes that his father will be 90 on January 1 and that he has been farming “for about 70 years.” Photo below shows the two men stopped for lunch with Bruce’s grandchildren Sarah at left and Cole at right amid the spring wheat crop. Philip, who drove combine for two days, lives in Provost.

M.D. OK’s 28 Enbridge Road Crossings for Clipper Pipeline
The regular meeting of the Municipal District of Provost No. 52 for September was held Thursday, September 11, with all councillors present in the morning and one councillor absent in the afternoon.

Following is an unapproved summary of the meeting.

Council authorized the following:

Stewart, Weir & Co. to prepare a resource road grant application for granular base course, asphalt concrete pavement and other work on Range Road 14 starting near Township Road 384 and continuing south approximately three miles for the program’s deadline date of November 30, 2008.

To allow Enbridge Pipeline to open cut the following road crossings (Enbridge will dig a trench through the road surface on undeveloped road allowances and then later, fill in the trenches): Enbridge identification number:

KP 0176.7+3.24 41 (R) between NE 17-42-9 W4M & NW 16-42-9 W4M;
KP 0187.4566, between SE 6-42-8 W4M & SW 5-42-8 W4M;
KP 0193.0970, between NE 27-41-8 W4M & NW 26-41-8 W4M;
KP 0196.5330, between SE 24-41-8 W4M & SW 19-41-7 W4M;
KP 0198.7010, between NE 18-41-7 W4M & NW 17-41-7 W4M;
KP 0202.3576, between NE 9-41-7 W4M & NW 10-41-7 W4M;
KP 0204.1710, between SE 10-41-7 W4M & SW 11-41-7 W4M;
KP 0205.7200, between SE 11-41-7 W4M & NE 2-41-7 W4M;

KP 0205.9770, between NE 2-41-7 W4M & NW 1-41-7 W4M;
KP 0209.6598, between NE 31-40-6 W4M & NW 32-40-6 W4M;
KP 0213.2530, between NE 28-40-6 W4M & NW 27-40-6 W4M;
KP 0215.0770, between SE 27-40-6 W4M & SW 26-40-6 W4M;
KP 0216.9030, between NE 23-40-6 W4M & NW 24-40-6 W4M;
KP 0220.5610, between NE 18-40-5 W4M & NW 17-40-5 W4M;
KP 0222.4320, between SE 17-40-5 W4M & SW 16-40-5 W4M;
KP 0223.6970, between SE 16-40-5 W4M & NE 9-40-5 W4M;
KP 0224.3010, between NE 9-40-5 W4M & NW 10-40-5 W4M;
KP 0226.1680, between SE 10-40-5 W4M & SW 11-40-5 W4M;
KP 0228.0380, between NE 2-40-5 W4M & NW 1-40-5 W4M;
KP 0231.7796, between NE 31-9-4 W4M & NW 32-39-4 W4M;
KP 0237.3687, between NE 22-39-4 W4M & NW 23-39-4 W4M;
KP 0242.9663, between SE 18-39-3 W4M & SW 17-39-3 W4M;
KP 0246.7414, between SE 9-39-3 W4M & SW 10-39-3 W4M;
KP 0254.3668, between NE 30-38-2 W4M & NW 29-38-2 W4M;
KP 0261.8350, between NE 14-38-2 W4M & NW 13-38-2 W4M;
KP 0269.2600, between SE 4-38-1 W4M & SW 3-38-1 W4M;
KP 0271.1320, between NE 34-37-1 W4M & NW 35-37-1 W4M; and
KP 0273.0070, between SE 35-37-1 W4M & SW 36-37-1 W4M.

Bridges Contracting to remove existing fence at the Hughenden shop yard and replace with a six foot security fence at an approximate cost of $11,409.50 plus GST.

That a letter is written to the AAMD&C expressing objection to the fall convention starting on Remembrance Day.

The peace officer to attend the pressure point control tactics refresher course, October 30 and 31 in Rocky Mountain House.

Table indefinitely the information on the emergency management course offered in Banff on September 27.

The risk control co-ordinator and the administrator to attend the Jubilee Riskpro module 2 seminar in Nisku on October 22.

Full story and photo in September 24 edition of The Provost News.
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Town to Get New Fire Truck
• Switching Waste Collection Firm
The Town of Provost plans to purchase a new fire truck and to also soon switch waste collection firms.
The regular meeting of the Town of Provost was on Tuesday, September 16 and following includes an unapproved summary.

The town will apply a 2008 municipal sponsorship allocation to the purchase of a new pumper fire truck. Town administrator Judy Larson estimated the cost of the new fire truck at $323,000. Fire chief Barry Johnstone says that the new truck will take the place of the town’s 1984 Ford unit.

Johnstone pointed out that if the new fire truck was not acquired by the town, everyone who owns residential or commercial property in Provost would see their insurance rates rise. The new truck is expected to show up here in November and the old unit will be kept as a back-up for fire protection.

In other changes, the town’s administrative and public works committee were to review the waste collection proposals and offer the contract if acceptable. Since the town council meeting, the administrator said that plans have been made to hire a new firm for the waste collection in town. The existing contract expires on October 1 and a new contract is expected to be signed by then (next week).

Print version in September 24 edition of The Provost News.
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Juno Award Winner at St. Norbert’s
Full story in September 24 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "What Was Your Most Fun Thing You Did This Summer?"
. . . and we heard answers from Kaylee Scammell, Jen Rodocker, Miles Hager, Kimberly Musak, and Lori Scammell.
Check out the September 24 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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