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October 8, 2008
A Little Close for Comfort

A late season swing thanks to hot weather conditions in October was enjoyed on the Provost Golf Club’s fairways, from left: Dan Nish, Calvin Ferrier, Fritz Fleck and Bev Berry. Under closer examination of this picture it shows the camera captured Fleck’s ball whizzing past Berry’s belt (though we hope not as close as it appears). By the way, a typical male PGA tour player has an initial ball velocity of approximately 160 miles per hour with his driver. In comparison, a typical male recreational golfer may only generate a ball velocity of 130 miles per hour—about the same velocity as a PGA tour player’s 5 iron. Now, it looks here like these guys might be using irons, so . . . ©Provost News Photo.

Provost Volunteer Firemen Called Out 50 Times Over Year
by Fire Marshall Wilf Nett

In 2007 the Provost Fire Department responded to four town fires, 21 M.D. fires, 14 rescue calls and 11 false alarms for a total of 50 calls.

Besides the fire calls Provost had a very busy year with most of the firemen taking courses.

There were 61 firemen who took 12 different 32 hour courses. Most of these courses were taught in Wainwright and a few were in Provost. They were all held on weekends. These courses were all taken through The Alberta Fire Training School in Vermilion which is a branch of Lakeland College. The courses covered fire prevention, fire safety and fire suppression.

There was also 53 firemen who took six additional courses or seminars that involved one, two and three evenings. These courses weren’t through Lakeland College, but were taught by local instructors or by manufacturer’s instructors. These courses were thermal imaging camera applications, first aid, livestock emergency response, flag person training course, ice rescue, self-contained breathing apparatus fit testing, Haz Mat emergency response (this one was taught in Macklin).

Provost also gave mutual aid to Macklin, Chauvin and Consort last year.

• This Year
Now for a brief update on 2008. Fire chief Barry Johnstone had a very busy year along with his 24 firefighters. A new town fire tuck was specked out and ordered, it should be arriving sometime in November. A new truck chassis was ordered to replace the one on the rescue unit, this was paid for by provincial and federal grants. We had work parties to take the body off of the old rescue truck and remount it on the new truck chassis. Most of this work was volunteer and done by the firemen.

We had the ravine that runs behind the fire hall dug out deeper and installed a 30” horizontal pipe that moves water to a 48” wet well. We installed a 300 gallon a minute 7 1/2 horse power pump, we now use this system for filling our water trucks and fire trucks. The town also uses this untreated water for watering their trees and flowers. We also built a fence around this ravine so that children can’t get down to the water. Again the biggest part of the labour on this project was done by the volunteer firemen.

The 100 barrel tank on the Mack water truck rusted out and had to be replaced. Again 100 percent of the labour to change this tank, plumbing and electrical was done by the firemen.

Rest of story in October 8 edition of The Provost News.
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STA First in Volleyball Tournament
The S.T.A. Sr. girls volleyball team hosted their annual tournament on Saturday October 4. S.T.A., P.P.S., Forestburg, Marwayne, St. Jerome’s and J.R. Robson schools attended.

Full story in October 8 edition of The Provost News.
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Hughenden Firefighters Get Cash for Rescue Truck Fund
Dale Roadhouse, past president of the Hughenden Firefighters Association, received $5,000 from Kevin Hayes area manager representing Gibsons Energy Ltd. Gibsons is the first Platinum corporate sponsor for the new rescue truck that the firefighters have been fundraising for. This donation along with funds made from working local wedding dances has brought the firefighters to $14,000 away from the $303,625 price tag.

Full story in October 8 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "What’s Your Favourite Outdoor Game?"
. . . and we heard answers from Blaine Murray, Lexie Hager, Lance Fayant, Justine Murray, and Layne Botting.
Check out the October 8 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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