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November 5, 2008

Artistic director Les Manning at his base in Medicine Hat on Saturday, November 1 before he left on another international assignment bringing art to the world. Talking shop (bottom photo): Les Manning with another former Provost artist Margaret Holmes on Saturday looking at recent reproductions of Medalta ware. Manning took two hours to tour a small group through the National Historic District, showing among other items thousands of pieces from a vast heritage collection. ©Provost News Photos.

Noted Artist Les Manning Earns Award of Honour
Former Provost and Cadogan student, Les Manning, now of Medicine Hat has been recently honoured for some of his work over a 40 year career that has taken him around the world.

Manning, who was born in Provost, October 20, 1944 received the “Award of Honour” from the Alberta Craft Council at its fourth annual Alberta Craft Awards. These awards recognize the value and contribution of individuals to Alberta’s fine craft culture and were made at the Leighton Art Centre in Calgary on Saturday, October 4.

The award of honour is made to recognize “significant contribution to Alberta’s Fine Craft Culture.”

Manning told The Provost News that a teacher in Provost helped propel him on his artistic career.

Following is an interview conducted:
Provost News: You were educated at Provost or Cadogan and what grades, and beyond that . . .?
Les Manning: Twin Lake country school (by horse back) Grades 1 and 2, Cadogan to 6, Provost for 7 (while a new school was built in Cadogan. Then back to Provost where teacher Ruth Auburn (who died Oct. 15, see PN Oct. 22) recognized the possible artistic talent and sent me to Alberta College of Art (ACA), in Calgary.

PN: What groups or organizations have you served with?
LM: Alberta Potters Association, Alberta Craft Council, Canadian Craft Council and The International Academy of Ceramics.

PN: Tell us about your career path.
LM: Ceramic Arts Apprenticeship, Calgary, 1966-68; resident artist and ceramic instructor at Allied Arts Centre, Calgary, 1968-69; founder of Manning Ceramics at Allied Arts Centre, Calgary, 1969-74; 25 year development of ceramics at the Banff Centre for the Arts—from a Summer School into an internationally respected Artist Residency Program: summer school and winter community class instructor at Banff School of Fine Arts, 1970-72; artist-in-residence (AIR), The Banff School of Fine Arts, 1973-74; founder of Stonecrop Pottery at Canmore, Alta., 1974-79; director ceramic studio at The Banff Centre for the Arts 1974-94; senior artist in residence at Banff Centre 1994-95; independent studio artist/curator/art consultant/teacher / artistic director - AIR 1995 to present Medalta International Artist in Residence program (volunteer) 2001 to the present.

PN: Where has your career taken you?
LM: Around the world a few times over. (The News obtained a more detailed list* printed later).

PN: Anything unusual on those trips or meet unusual people?
LM: The most exotic was Uzbekistan (my first time to work in an Islamic country).

PN: How long have you been an artist?
LM: Since 17 years old when I arrived at art school; professionally for 40 years.

PN: How or why did you get involved in this type of work.
LM: Ruth Auburn had me in an art class in Grade 7 and inspired me and again in Grade 10 when I returned to Provost, which led to her insisting that I go to art school. (Manning said in one of two recent magazine interviews that Auburn actually drove him to the Alberta College of Art).

PN: Why not a cowboy or other work?
LM: I for a long time had been keen about art and when she (Auburn) suggested it I was more than ready as it seemed to fit.

PN: What kinds of work do you or have you done (pottery, ceramics, drawing and so on)?
LM: I went to the Alberta College of Art to be a painter and in second year found ceramics and have made a total life of it since.

PN: Married? Children?
LM: Single. Two children, a daughter and a son and four grandkids: my daughter has a daughter and a son —and my son has two boys.

PN: Your parents?
LM: Dennis and Phyllis Manning.

PN: What siblings or other relatives do you have living in the Provost area?
LM: Dave Manning and Frank Manning, a sister Pat Goddard in Hughenden, a twin brother Lyle in Edson and Gwen in Richmond B.C.

PN: What is your job function or duties today at the Medalta Potteries?
LM: Volunteer artistic director of the Medalta International Artist in Residence Program.

PN: Are you teaching or traveling still?
LM: Yes, the main income is derived by workshops, the most recent in February in Israel which was my 46th country to do ceramic related work or activity in.

PN: What do you like best about your work?
LM: The creativity giving a broad sweep of choice and decision in making an object, the connection it provides and the fact that when I travel it (ceramics) like all other art forms takes you right to the heart of the cultural community of that country. This provides a deep understanding of who these people are and what they embrace aesthetically.

PN: Other comments?
LM: My life has been as difficult as anyone else's, however it has provided a great deal of world knowledge and satisfaction. If we spoke to each other primarily through art, the world would be a much safer and happier place to live.
PN: Thank you.

* Following shows the various places and events that Manning has been involved with around the world so far during his artistic career:

2007 Fule International Ceramic Art Museums, Fuping China / Opening of Inaugural Exhibition Canadian Museum; 2006 International exhibition IAC Riga, Latvia; 2006 All About Alberta by the Alberta Craft Council Canadian Embassy Washington D.C.; 2002, 50th Anniversary IAC Exhibition: Cultural Olympiad 2001-2004 Athens, Greece; 2002 Invitational International Ceramic Art Exposition Foshan, China; 2001 The 1st World Biennale 2001 Korea International Competition; 2001 IAC Members Exhibition: World Ceramic Exposition Kyonggi Province, Korea; 2001 “Peripheral Visions”, Galerie le Vieux-Bourg, Lonay-pres-Morges, Switzerland; 2000 “Earthworks”, Expo 2000, Hanover, Germany; 1999 Gallery 78, Fredericton, N.B. / Colleen Lynch Gallery, St. Andrews, N.B., Canada; 1998 Edward Day Gallery, Toronto; 1998 International Ceramic Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt; 1997 Seoul Ceramic Art Biennale, Metropolitan Museum of Art - Seoul, Korea; 1996 International Academy of Ceramics Exhibition Fukaoka, Saga Pref., Japan; 1996 Canadian Clay Currents N.C.E.C.A. ’96 Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A.; 1995 “North by Northwest/Clay in Canada” N.C.E.C.A. ’95 Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.; 1994 Bechyne International Ceramic Exhibition Louny, Czech Republic; 1995 “Tribute” 15 years of Alberta Craft, McMullen Gallery, Edmonton, Canada; 1992 International Academy of Ceramics Exhibition Istanbul, Turkey; 1992 International Ceramic Exhibition Artists Union, Tashkent, Uzbekistan; 1990 International Ceramic Exhibition, Fine Arts Museum Taipei, Taiwan; 1989 “Kecskemet/Canada”, International Ceramic Sculpture, Galerie Franklin Silverstone, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 1989, 17th Siklos International Ceramic Symposium ’89, Baranya Creative Colonies, Siklos, Hungary; 1988 “Fired Imagination”, Canadian/Australian Exchange Exhibition, Calgary, Canada/Sydney, Australia; 1987 “Canadian Fine Arts & Crafts”, Commonwealth Exhibition Invitational, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; 1986 Alberta Studio Ceramics III, “Alberta Clay Comes of Age”, Edmonton, Canada; 1986 Canadian National Clay Invitational, Paris Gibson Square, Great Falls, Montana, U.S.A.; 1985 Cumberland Gallery, International Group Show, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.; 1985 International Group Exhibition, Appalachian Centre for Crafts, Cooksville, Tennessee, U.S.A.; 1985 “Soup Soup Beautiful Soup”, Soup Tureens for The Campbell Soup Exhibit, The Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
Solo Exhibitions

2007 Galerie Carla Koch, Amsterdam; 2005 Galerie Carla Koch, Amsterdam; 2004 TONG-IN Gallery, Seoul, Korea; 1999 New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Gallery, Fredericton, N.B., Canada; 1998 “Clay Scapes” - Te Papa Museum, Wellington, Invitation of the Potters Society of New Zealand; 1998 “Between There and Here” - Whyte Museum Canadian Rockies; 1995 “Nordic Ode” The Banff Centre on 8th Avenue Calgary, Canada; 1980 “Clayscapes”, Traveling Exhibition, 10 western Canadian cities - B.C., Alberta and Sask.

Alberta Art Bank; Alberta Culture; Alberta Potters Association, Glenbow Museum; Jean A Chalmers National Craft Collection; Museum of Civilization; Peter and Jeanne Lougheed Collection ’85 and ’04; The Tennessee State Arts Board Collection ’85 U.S.A.; Siklos, Baranya Creative Colonies, Siklos, Hungary ’89; Koffler Collection, North York, Ont., Canada; Massey Collection, Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Canada; Pecs City Museum, Hungary; The Appalachian Centre for Crafts ’85 Collection; Aaron Milrad Collection – Toronto, Canada; The Claridge Collection, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Bechyne International Symposiums Collection ‘94 Czeck Republic; The Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies; The Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada; Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea; and Fukaoka National Museum, Saga prefecture, Japan;

2006 East Kootney Ceramic Exhibition, Cranbrook, B.C.; 2003 Syracuse Potters Guild Exhibition for the Everson Museum; 2002 Fraser Valley Potter’s Guild, Annual Exhibition, B.C., Canada; 2000 Toronto Potter’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Toronto, Canada; 1998 The Fourth Cairo International Ceramic Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt; 1991 “Cups” Alberta Potters Association’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Canada; 1988 The 3rd National Biennial of Ceramics, Trois-Rivieres Quebec, Canada; 1988/89 World University Service of Canada Scholarships Adjudicator; 1985 Canada Council, Chalmers Craft Awards; 1985/86 Selection Committee, Bronfman Foundation Exhibition for the Museum of Civilization, Ontario, Canada; 1986 South Slocan Craft Alliance Annual Juried Exhibition, National Art Centre, Castlegar, B.C., Canada; 1985 Saskatchewan Craft Council, Provincial Craft Exhibition; 1984 “The Perfect Setting”, Ontario Potters’ Association, Toronto, Canada; 1976 National Ceramic Exhibition Calgary ’76 - Jury Chairman, Calgary, Canada; 1976 Alberta Culture Awards; and 1975 Canadian National Craft Exhibition.

Professional Organizations
2004 stepped down from VP of IAC – (four years Council member, eight years as VP); 1999 nominated for President of I.A.C.; 1996 Vice President International Academy of Ceramics - Representing North America; 1992 Member of the Council of the International Academy of Ceramics - representing Canada; 1990 nominated to the board of directors of the International Academy of Ceramics; 1988 spokesman for Canadian Craft Council at World Craft Council Assembly, Sydney, Australia; 1986-88 President, Alberta Crafts Council; 1985-88 board member of Craft Working Committee for ‘88 Winter Olympic Cultural Organization Arts Festival; 1982-84 chairman, Canadian Clay Conference 1984; 1979-80 founding member and vice-president of Alberta Crafts Council; 1974-75 First President, Canadian Craft Council; 1971-73 President, Alberta Potters’ Association; 1971-73 chairman of International 1973 Exhibition and Conference, Banff and Calgary, for the A.P A. under the auspices of the International Academy Ceramics, Geneva, Switzerland.

2003 International Ceramic Symposium Korea, World Ceramic Centre, Icheon; 2003 Syracuse University New York, winter semester, January through May, artist in residence; 2001 Mexican Canadian Cultural Exchange, Banff, Canada (part two); 2000 Mexican Canadian Cultural Exchange, Puebla, Mexico (part one); 2000 White Mountain Academy of the Arts, Elliot Lake; 2000 Medalta International Artists in Residence, Medicine Hat, Canada; 2000 Golden Ceramic Awards 2000, Taiwan; 1999 New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, winter semester, January through April, artist in residence; 1997 Greek/Canadian Cultural Exchange Symposium, Athens and Crete (part two); 1996 Greek/Canadian Cultural Exchange Symposium, Banff Centre for the Arts (part one); 1994 Bechnyne International Ceramic Symposium, Louny, Czech Republic; 1992 International Ceramic Symposium, Tashkent, Uzbekistan; 1989 17th Siklos International Ceramic Symposium 1989, Baranya Creative Colonies, Siklos, Hungary; 1985 International Ceramic Symposium, Appalachian Centre for Crafts Cooksville, Tennessee.

2003 “International Ceramic Residencies”, NCECA – San Jose, California; 2002 “International Ceramic Residencies”, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; 2002 China Foshan International Ceramics Conference: speaker – “International Residencies”; 2001 opening international speaker, A Journey of the Ancient Qi-Lu Ceramics, Zibo, China; 2001 International Ceramic Symposium “To Measure the Unmeasurable”: Discussant, Korea; 1999 keynote, New Brunswick College of Art and Design, Graduation, Fredericton, N.B., Canada; 1998 Ceramic Interaction” George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, Canada; 1998 “Insideout”, George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, Canada; and 1997 “Canadian Ceramics”, International Triennial of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Croatia.

Alberta Craft Council; Canadian Craft Council (Federation); World Craft Council; Alberta Potters’ Association; National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts-U.S.A.; and International Academy of Ceramics.

Advisory board, chair of National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, U.S.A.; Ceramics Art and Perception, Australia – International Ceramic Publication; Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen, China.

Scholarships, Awards, Honours
2006 “Centennial Metal” – Contribution to Alberta Arts and Society; 2004 Les Manning Studio – Sanboa Ceramic Institute, Dedication by Mayor Jingdezhen, China; 2002, 75th Awards of Excellence, ACAD – for 1966 Graduate - Alumni Outstanding Career Achievement ; 1999 runner-up for Craftsman of the Year: Saidye Bronfman Award; 1997 Canada Council A Grant; 1996 Alberta Potters Association “Honorary Membership”; 1985, 4th International Ceramics Symposium, Toronto, Canada. Award for outstanding contribution to International Ceramics by the Institute for Ceramic History; 1984 Alberta Achievement Award for long standing contributions to Ceramics in Alberta; 1984 Canadian Craft Council “Honorary Membership” 1981 Alberta Potters Association “Long Service Award for Development of Ceramics in Alberta”; and 1974 Canada Council Artist-in-Residence studio grant.

Work Featured In The Following Publications
Books: Ceramic Spectrum - Robin Hopper, Canada; Ceramic Technology for Potters and Sculptors -Yvonne Cuff, Australia; Studio Ceramics in Canada – Gail Crawford, Canada; Contemporary Studio Porcelain – Peter Lane, England; World Famous Ceramic Artists Studios - Volume 1 – Bai Ming, China; Forward: Made of Clay - Ceramics of British Columbia publishers of the Potters Guild of British Columbia. Periodicals: 1982/95 Ceramic Monthly - U.S.A. (National); 1985/95 Contact - Ceramics from a Canadian Perspective (National); 1995 Ceramics, Art and Perception - Australia (International); 2002 Contemporary Ceramics - China (National); Ceramic National - Korea (National); Ceramic Review - Taiwan (National); and 2002 Ceramic Art – Taiwan (National).

2006 “Insideout” - four installation works for the George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, Ont.; and 2006 “Canadian Ceramic Exhibition” – Joanne Marion / Les Manning – Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat.

Workshops Conducted
• Over 200 workshops, symposia and lectures throughout Canada, U.S.A., Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe—includes 45 countries (by-2007).

Sabbatical Study
1988-89 Australia, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Austria. 1981-82 California, Greece, England.

Participation and research of ceramic arts in 45 countries worldwide.

Formal Education
1962-66 Alberta College of Art, Calgary, - Ceramic Major.
* * *
Over the span of years and with different careers and responsibilities, Manning has developed his own visually complex and technically sophisticated landscape pieces. His vessels play with space, light and shadow within the sculptural landscape. Using thrown and altered porcelain and stoneware, which technically goes against the convention of clay practice he creates vessels which tell of granite boulders, snow and high elevation and the subtle colors of lakes and streams. His pieces are exhibited internationally most recently in "Between Heaven & Earth, Ceramic Views from High Places" at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh and "Elemental Connections: An Exhibition of Sustainable Craft" travelling exhibition featured at the Alberta Craft Gallery this past summer.

Manning meanwhile isn’t sitting still as he is overseeing a multi-million dollar transformation and restoration of the “Medicine Hat Clay Industries National Historic District (see pictures this paper).

He left Medicine Hat however on November 4 for a trip to board a cruise ship in Los Angeles where he will conduct workshops. The luxury liner is equipped with its own ceramic studio and he will conduct classes for five weeks as passengers enjoy a trip through the Panama Canal and along the coast of South America.

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