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July 2, 2008

M.D. 52 grader operator Roger Seeger drives through the ribbon at the new shop in Hughenden to officially open the 10,500 square feet building on June 25. Story in this paper. ©Provost News Photo.

Grader Drives Through Ribbon to Open $1.8 Million M.D. Shop in Hughenden
A new Municipal District No. 52 shop in Hughenden had its official opening on Wednesday, June 25.

Over $2 million worth of equipment including the old M.D. public works shop in Hughenden were lost when a fire broke out the night of June 14, 2007.

Councillor Len Kjos was emcee for the celebration that got underway during noon hour on the same site as the old buildingThe new shop contains 10,500 square feet and cost $1.8 million to build.

Insurance covered just less than one half the cost ($886,650) while a “Municipal Sustainability Initiative” paid for a little over half ($1,068,750).

The insurance didn’t cover the rebuilding price because the new shop was built larger than the old one.

The building was opened when M.D. employee Roger Seeger drove a grader through the ribbon—and into the new shop.

Reeve Allan Murray addressed the crowd saying that the “fire took quite a toll” adding that equipment as well as the building was lost a year ago in the “very hot” fire that burned. He recognized the local fire department and its volunteers headed by chief Brian Cooper. Murray pointed out that the director of public works, Curtis Hughes “put a lot of time into this project” and also recognized public works foreman, Irvin Bethge for his work on the re-building project as well. He called the new structure “a very nice building” adding that it will be very functional.

MLA Doug Griffiths sent a letter of congratulations. Mayor of Hughenden, Doug Chambers talked of partnerships in the community and said that he is “glad the M.D. rebuilt here.”

Kurt Ostermann representing Seko Construction of Edmonton said that the M.D. administrator Iris Larson had a lot to do with “getting through the red tape” to get the project off the ground quickly. He added that buildings like this one gives him satisfaction because he knows it will serve the community and people for many years. “We are proud to have built it.” Ostermann said they gave a gift of a barbecue to the shop staff.

Reeve of the County of Paintearth, George Glaizer brought congratulations on the official opening of the new building . . . “We’re jealous” he said adding that the new facility will be “a great asset to the west side of the M.D.”

Arnold Nordin, mayor of Amisk also offered congratulations to Hughenden and to the M.D. Provost. He recalled the fire a year ago saying “what a mess—but look at this (as he looked around the new shop).”

Kjos then invited everyone to look around and also invited anyone to stay for the M.D. 52’s annual meeting that followed afterwards.

Complete story and photos in July 2 edition of The Provost News.
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PPS Honours 23 Students at Graduation
The Provost Public School honoured 23 Grade 12 students at a graduation ceremony held on Saturday, June 28.

The theme for the event was “Don't Stop Believing."

Master and mistress of ceremonies were Jeff Cazes and Alyssa Downing.

The graduates showed a power point presentation just before they made their way to the Prairie Hall stage at the Provost Recreation and Culture Centre.

Rest of story in July 2 edition of The Provost News.
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Dear Editor:

Elkford, B.C.

As a first time visitor to your town I have to write to commend you on this event which we participated in this past weekend.We travelled eight hours from south east B.C. to run in the CMRO mud drags happening during the Smash and Splash weekend. We arrived in town around midnight on Friday and easily found the location of everything by the big signs on the way into town. When we walked onto the site to try and find out where to park/camp everyone we talked to was helpful and friendly. This continued throughout the weekend in the local stores we visited as well as on the event grounds.

We have participated in many races over the past 12 years of racing and have organized several also. Your event had excellent security, very clean facilities throughout the entire weekend, plenty of entertainment in between races and all around just an excellent time! Hats off to the local volunteers who worked with the CMRO to put on an excellent race that will definitely be on my calendar for next year and recommended to many people.


Tracey Halladay

Print version in July 2 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: We ask "What Do You Like Best About the New M.D. Shop in Hughenden?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Dave Symington, Jeff Eklund, Dorothy Rogers, Roger Seeger and Ken Richards.
Check out the July 2 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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