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February 20, 2008
These pictures show some of the deer that have been slaughtered by agents of the Alberta Government as a mass slaughter continues in the Dilberry Lake area. Ron Tizzard, who lives a mile west and two miles north of Chauvin found out about a pit that was dug and these carcasses dumped in after someone flew over the area. Tizzard told The Provost News on Tuesday, February 19 that it was his understanding that meat from the cull was going to a food bank but adds that it doesn’t look like it. He took these pictures on Monday, February 18 approximately two miles north of Dilberry Lake. “To me this isn’t right” says the rancher who raises buffalo (who was also unhappy after discovering officials near his buffalo after he did not give them permission to be in his area for fear of spooking his animals). “It’s one thing to kill them (the deer), it’s another thing to waste it (the meat).” Tizzard estimates the pit to be 30 feet by 20 feet by 20 feet deep.
Game in Ecological Reserve Spared
• Province Reverses Decision
• Chauvin Man Provides Photos of Dumped Carcasses
The Provost and District Fish and Game Association is reporting that a government-planned mule and white tail deer and elk cull in an ecological reserve north of Metiskow has been cancelled.

The ecological reserve which has been a wildlife sanctuary for hundreds of animals for many years will now remain intact.

Some people in the area had received a letter dated January 15 stating that the reserve would be closed as a culling operation of both deer and elk was to take place.

Dilberry Lake area lands are now closed as another mass deer slaughter is underway aided by a helicopter because of Alberta Government concerns over the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD).

With regard to the current planned deer culls to a zero population in 10 km circles, the Provost and District Fish and Game Association says that consideration should be given that an important food source for the local coyote population (deer) is going to be removed.

It has been reported that several farmers are concerned that coyotes may develop a taste for calves, especially young calves, if all the deer are shot. Farms that are close to heavy bush areas that hold good populations of coyotes especially could be affected.

The Provost and District Fish and Game Association said regarding the cancellation of the planned deer cull in the ecological reserve, they received co-operation from Doug Griffiths who contacted others in the Alberta Government.

The province is trying to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease found in some deer in the area which have been walking into the province from Saskatchewan.

Last year the province hired a helicopter and had teams of people shooting hundreds of deer in the Dilberry Lake area.
Full story and photo in February 20 edition of The Provost News.
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Amisk Has Official Opening of Renovated Fire Hall
50 Take in Official Opening of Addition to Amisk’s Fire Hall
• Two New Bays Added
Approximately 50 people attended the opening of the new addition to the fire hall at Amisk, in spite of cold weather. Firemen were pleased to have representatives from the M.D. of Provost west-end councillors, and fire personnel from Amisk, Hughenden and Czar at the Wednesday evening, February 13 celebration.

Full story in February 20 edition of The Provost News.
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Kinsmen Club’s Annual Sno-cross Event Takes Place
Photo in February 20 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "What Are You Learning at Taekwondo?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Nolan McNaughton, Marlee Kohlman, Emanuel Komaransky, Hailey McCrea, and Craig Mailer.
Check out the February 20 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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