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April 30, 2008
The weather near the end of April has been topsy-turvy with Provost leading the province at 60 centimeters (23 inches) of snow—nearly burying the community. Colder temperatures than normal and slushy conditions were also experienced. This traffic sign, mirrored in a puddle of partially melted snow reflects the wishes of most Albertans. ©Provost News Photo.
150 Take in Ribstone Church Centennial Celebration
While living in Manitoba, Tom Smith read about the Prairie provinces and how they were open for homesteading. In the spring of 1905 Tom and his family and Tom’s son-in-law George Burton and his family loaded two railway cars with their possessions and started west. They came as far as the railway did at that time, North Battleford. From there they traveled by oxen to Lloydminster, where they turned south until they came to the Ribstone Creek to settle. Their only neighbours were a small band of Native people living east along the creek.

Sisters Annie Burton and Phoebe Smith wrote to the church periodical telling about the beautiful open prairie in the west. This letter was instrumental in the decision of others to move to the Ribstone area.

In 1907 and later more families moved in, including the Levitts, the Cliffords, the Wildes, the Walraths, the Dallyns and the Beckleys. According to Tom Smith’s diary, the first church service was held in the Levitt home on July 8, 1906. They continued to hold services in the homes of the members for some time.

February 3, 1908, the members met at the home of William and Edith Clifford and organized the Ribstone congregation of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints more recently named the Community of Christ. In 1913, a place of worship was built on the south-west corner of George Burton’s land. Five years later in 1918, the men loaded the church building on sleighs, and with horses, they moved it to just north of the railway tracks in Ribstone. In 1933 it was moved again to its final location south and east of the tracks. In 1957 the Ribstone School was purchased. It was added on to the east end of the church to provide the rostrum and three classrooms.

In 1999 a new church was built to meet the needs of the congregation and the community.

The pastor elected on February 3, 1908 was Clyde Walrath, who had just been ordained an elder. The next pastor of the Ribstone branch was elder William Levitt, followed by elder James Beckley who held the office from 1910 until 1926. In 1926, elder Lloyd Gregory was chosen as pastor. About three years later, teacher George Millar became pastor and Albert White was ordained a deacon. The exact dates of these two happenings are unknown. These two men, George Millar and Albert White, more or less took turns as pastor for the next 28 years until 1957. During those years, both men were ordained as priests in 1930 and as elders in 1933. In 1957 elder Alfred Gregory was first elected pastor. He served other years as pastor as well. Others who have served as pastor of Ribstone are: elder John Perkins, elder Eldon Dallyn, elder Frank Perkins, evangelist Wayne Skinner, high priest Darleene Skinner, elder Susan Perkins (pastor and co-pastor) and priest Leila Goheen (co-pastor). The present pastor is Darleene Skinner.

On the weekend of April 18 to 20, a celebration was held to mark the 100th anniversary of the congregation with over 150 people attending the event. There were classes, worships, a sacrament service, activities for the children and youth, historical bus tours and power point presentations. Many home-cooked meals were provided. Free family or individual photos were taken and free caricatures were drawn by a professional artist. Ribstone t-shirts and cookbooks were available during the weekend.

On the Saturday evening there was a song service, followed by a time of greetings and recognition. Greetings were brought by the mayors of Chauvin (Velda Nutbrown) and Edgerton (Barb Sjoquist), the reeve of the municipality (Bob Barss) and the MP of the constituency (Leon Benoit). Letters of congratulations were received from world church historian (Mark Scherer), the first presidency, the MLA for the local constituency (Doug Griffiths), president of Canada West Mission Centre (Darrell Belrose) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Taking the stage during the time of recognition were the former pastors or a representative and the current pastor.

Full story and photos in April 30 edition of The Provost News.
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125 Students Expected at Conference
An estimated 125 high school students are headed to Provost on May 6 to take in a youth conference that will deal with business ideas and entrepreneurship.

The annual event is organized by Community Futures Meridian Region that is based in Kindersley, Sask.

Full story and photos in April 30 edition of The Provost News.
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MLA: Investigate Replacing Income Tax With ‘Consumption’ Tax
Full story and photos in April 30 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: We ask "We Ask an Author . . . What’s the Next Book You Plan to Read?"
. . . and we heard opinions from David Bouchard, David Bouchard, David Bouchard, David Bouchard, and David Bouchard.
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