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April 2, 2008
The Mallaig Monarchs bantam hockey club goalie is swamped by his teammates as the clock runs out in Provost on Sunday afternoon, March 31. Story in this paper. ©Provost News Photo.
Mallaig Wins Provincial Hockey Final Here
The Mallaig Monarchs bantam hockey club won the provincial C title in Provost on Sunday afternoon, March 31.

Games took place Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Provost arena and some also held at the Chauvin arena.

The Provost Blades who were both host and Zone 7 representative lost out in the semi-finals in overtime to the Daysland-Forestburg Thunderstars who wound up with the silver medal.

In the opening round robin play on Friday it was the Kainai Hawks beating the Athabasca Hawks 3 to 2; High Level lost to the Provost Blades 7 to 4; Mallaig Monarchs played in Chauvin against the Calmar Cobras beating them 11 to 2; Daysland/ Forestburg Thunderstars beat Didsbury Ramblers 4 to 3; High Level played Athabasca and beat them 8 to 3; Provost beat Kainai 9 to 2.

On Saturday the Calmar Cobras and Didsbury tied 5 to 5; Mallaig beat Daysland-Forestburg 8 to 4; followed by another tie game—this one between Kainai and High Level, 7 to 7 played at Chauvin; Provost beat Athabasca 9 to 4; Mallaig Monarchs out-did Didsbury, 10 to 2; and Daysland-Forestburg beat Calmar in the last round robin game 5 to 3.

The semi final hockey action took place on Sunday with Daysland-Forestburg edging out Provost 3 to 2 in overtime action.
The Mallaig team then took out High Level 12 to 6.

The final game was between Mallaig and Daysland-Forestburg with Mallaig earning the provincial “C” championship of 2008 with a score of 5 to 0.

At the end of the Provost Minor Hockey-organized tournament the Mallaig team, which hails from north eastern Alberta was also presented with “Play Smart Award.” The award was made with several considerations including: team officials providing equal opportunities to every member of their team regardless of the situation; limited number of “unsportsmanlike” type penalties assessed. (i.e. abuse of officials, checking from behind, check to the head, major or match penalties, etc.); team participates with safety as a consideration; team, coaches and parents show respect to and for the opponents, themselves, tournament and event officials, host community (accommodations, arena staff, etc.); host committee volunteers and the general public.

Rest of story and photos in April 2 edition of The Provost News.
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Biodigester Project to Get Closer Economic Scrutiny
A study just made public to determine the economic viability of constructing a biodigester in the M.D. of Provost will be sent back for a re-crunching of numbers before a final decision is made.

A biodigester uses waste raw materials like grass clippings, dead livestock, manure, paper, cardboard and other materials. It would produce fuel to burn and electricity and even fertilizer to use or sell, while getting rid of unwanted organic materials in the area.

Full story in April 2 edition of The Provost News.
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Taekwondo Students Heading to Nationals
Full story and photo in April 2 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: We ask about the Wheat Board.
. . . and we heard opinions from five people.
Check out the April 2 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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