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May 30, 2007
Long Reach
A Medicine Hat crew was in town pouring an estimated 200 yards of concrete on Friday, May 25 and is seen here finishing up most of the new floor for the Lions-built outdoor rink. The floor was poured to better hold the water and ice for winter skating but now with a smooth surface the area will also be available for roller blading, floor hockey or other uses. The Town of Provost will pay an estimated $60,000 for this project (including rebar, levelling dirt and concrete work) but $30,000 was received by the town two years ago by the province for the project. It took two years to find a contractor to do the work. There are no bookings taken for the use of this rink, no permission needed and no formal organized activity for users. ©Provost News Photo.
Rising Property Values Trigger Tax Increase
Provost Town Council has passed its 2007 mill rate bylaw with a rate that will be the same as in 2006 but most property owners will find their taxes increasing because the assessed value of properties in Provost rose in 2006.

Chief administrative officer of the Town of Provost, Terry Hurlbut estimates that the increase for the average house will mean an extra cost of $130 for homeowners “but this can vary.”

Assessments are supposed to reflect current market values of properties and as property values increase so does the assessment value and even with the mill rate unchanged the math will reveal that taxes will increase.

Hurlbut adds that the calculations still do not reflect the true higher market value of housing here.

Assessment and tax notices were to be mailed by May 28.

Provost Town Council was recently introduced to Alison Cassidy of Calgary, who will be the new economic development officer here. Although she does not get possession of a house for another couple of weeks she is already working in her new position.

In other town news, following are condensed summaries of council meetings of May 15 and 22.
Andrew Skinner who will by employed as bylaw officer for the summer season was also recently introduced. Volumes of this type of work are high, notes Hurlbut, so the new summer position was created.

Accounts payable as of April were approved.

Minutes of council meeting of April 17, were accepted.

Council was updated on several items and project to be done by public works.

Council approved STA School obtaining trees through the town nursery supplier for the school to plant on school grounds. The town will be installing trees along 43 Street this summer.

Council approved sending a letter of support to the Provost Lions Club for their grant application for funding to assist with the construction of a water splash park (see other story in this week's paper).

Council approved public works to locate some 30 km/h signs and provide them to Andurkow Inc. so they can post them as they deem fit to try to slow traffic speeds on the unregistered old elevator road. Since this is private property the town cannot install nor enforce the speed limits on this private road.

Rest of story in May 30 edition of The Provost News.
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28 Provost Public School Graduates Advised to ‘Be Proud of Your Achievements’
The Provost Public School honoured 28 Grade 12 students at a graduation ceremony held on Saturday, May 26.
The theme for the event was “Tonight We Are Famous”.

Story and photo in
May 30 edition of The Provost News.
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Lions to Build Water Splash Park Here
Full story in May 30 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "Why Are You Volunteering to Plant Flowers?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Robert Vass, Shelby Christensen, Jordan Hager, Brooke Hahn, and Ben Perkins.
Check out the May 30 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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