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February 7, 2007
Violet and Earle McGillivray after 71,000 meals together. ©Provost News Photo.
Print version in February 7 edition of The Provost News.
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Honeymoon Car Wheel Flew Off . . .
But 65 Year Marriage Survives Long Journey
The front wheel flew off Violet and Earle McGillivray’s wedding car as they headed out on their honeymoon towards Macklin—but they managed to keep all the wheels on their marriage to survive 65 years.

The Provost pair marked their special anniversary with a celebration at the Legion Hall with friends and relatives on Saturday afternoon, February 3.

They were married at a church manse just south of the Community Church in town on February 4, 1942 by Rev. Thomas Musto.

Earle and Violet met in the late 1930s at one of the Ferry Hill School dances that were held at that time. Violet was attending that school while Earle took classes at the nearby Meiklejohn School, north of town.

The Provost News chatted with the couple at their home:
How many were in your wedding party?
Just the witnesses. They were our parents, so seven of us, including the minister.

Did both sets of parents approve of the wedding?
Violet: Well, they had to sign me off, so I guess they approved.

How old were you at the time?
Violet: I was 20 and Earle was 26.

How old are you now?
Violet: I’m 85 and Earle is 91. He’ll be 92 on February 18.

Earle, what did your parents do?
They farmed, John and Mary (maiden name Menzies).

Violet, what did your parents do?
My dad Elmer Theaker and mom Margaret farmed.

What do you remember most on your wedding day?
Violet: After the wedding we headed to Macklin and the front wheel came off the car and ran into the ditch. Earle walked into Hayter to get a mechanic and after they returned the mechanic took me into Hayter where I spent the afternoon visiting with his wife. Earle put on his work clothes and helped the mechanic with the repairs. Earle: The front axle broke, that allowed the front wheel to come off, that’s all. They had a “lovely supper” recalls Violet, but the repair “cost us some money and we didn’t have much money.” Earle recalls the bill “wasn’t so bad” but money was scarce at the time.

Violet, what drew you to Earle?
He was the only one who liked me (laughs).

Earle, what attracted you to Violet?
She was a good friend. (And I still am, Violet interjects.)

Did you have (or still have) a favourite song together?
Violet: Beer Barrel Polka was one of them. There were a lot of songs.

What were you doing for a living at the time?
Earle: I worked on a farm; Violet: I was helping out women with household chores on the local farms.

Did you have tough times?
Violet: Not really, we worked hard with the garden and milking cows. We were never hungry. Earle: At the time we enjoyed it.

Did you have much money when you got married?
Violet: Yeah. I had a $200 bank account. Earle: It was sufficient.
Tell us about your living conditions, where did you first live?

Rest of story and interview in February 7 edition of The Provost News.
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Hand Signs Aid Students Learning French in Grade 4
Grade 4 students at Provost Public School are enjoying a newly implemented course called French as a Second Language (FSL). One of the teaching methods being used by teachers Dione Hudon and Teresa Brokofsky is called the accelerative integrated method (AIM) Language Learning, a revolutionary new approach to second language instruction. It is based upon the use of stories, songs, dances, and hand signs for the teaching of French. Specifically designed stories that are written in the form of plays become the focus for a range of motivating language activities that help students develop confidence and competence in the language as they progress through each story unit.

Rest of story in February 7 edition of The Provost News.
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Hockey Referee Honoured With Jersey Presentation
Full story and photo in February 7 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "What Dish Did You Like Most at the Fish and Game Supper?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Bryan Peat, Bobbi Usselman, Sawyer Knorr, Dorothy McMann, and Luke Rehman.
Check out the February 7 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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