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October 4, 2006
Tiny bottle for a baby: this kitten and its four siblings were found inside a garbage can at Macklin recently. The four survivors are now happy after several hungry feedings at a temporary home in Provost. ©Provost News Photo.
Kitten Left in Box; 5 Others
Dumped in Garbage Can
A kitten estimated to be between six and eight weeks old was found inside a cardboard box without food or water near a back alley in Provost on September 25.

Meanwhile in Macklin five kittens were found the day before—early Sunday morning, September 24 in a garbage can. One was dead while another was near death.

Provost pest control officer Al Dorman said that he was called by Don Hall who reported that at first heard a cat meowing but didn’t think too much of it. But he then investigated further and found the small animal inside the box near the back alley by some of his old vehicles on 47 Street.

“He was crying his head off . . . meowing something terrible” Dorman told The News.
Hall said that he at first thought the sound from the kitten was coming from across the alley but then he found the cardboard box on the ground underneath an old tractor in his yard shortly after 5 p.m.

“At first I didn’t notice the writing on the box (that read “Live Kitten” and “Abandoned by Owner”) but saw it was moving and heard the sound” of the kitten as he got close.

He adds if he hadn’t looked for the kitten it probably would have died. “There were no air holes or light” so it “must have been a pretty terrifying thing for the cat.”

“I just thought it was a rotten way” for someone to deal with a problem by putting it on someone else’s doorstep.

Hall said Dorman came in less than 10 minutes after being called.

Dorman, who is looking for a home for the animal says “I don’t mind finding skunks, but this . . . that’s cruel” —adding that someone could be charged by the RCMP if the person who left the animal in the box could be identified.

Meanwhile at the Macklin hall some sounds were heard outside during the night by newlyweds Frank and Stephanie Dieser who spent their wedding night in a fifth wheel unit nearby. Candy Dieser of Provost told The News that the Red Deer couple got up at daybreak to see what the noise was about and found four live kittens and a dead one in a nearby tipped over garbage can.

Full story in October 4 edition of The Provost News.
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Crop Circle Caused by Microwaves Says Visiting ‘Expert’
Story and photos in October 4 edition of The Provost News.
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PPS Raises Over $10,000 For Fox Foundation
Story and photo in October 4 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "What Does Quebec Want From Confederation?" (asked in Quebec City)
. . . and we heard opinions from Max St-Amand, Dominique Lavoie, Paul David, Johanne Thomassin, and Marcel Ouellet.
Check out the October 4 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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