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November 15, 2006
Thinning Numbers
Veterans watch the proceedings at the November 11 Remembrance Day ceremony in Provost. From left: Ole Paulgaard, Jake Nett, Chuck Vaughan and Bill Carter. ©Provost News Photo.
Afghanistan More About Helping Less Fortunate and Helpless — Remembrance Day Speaker
Those taking in a Remembrance Day service at the Prairie Hall in Provost on Saturday morning, November 11 heard about past and current fighting involving Canadian men and women.

Pastor Andy Wiebe, who with the rest of the Provost Ministerial Association again organized the service welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.

After O Canada was sung, Rev. Jung-Hyun Shin gave a prayer and a scripture reading.

The Lord’s My Shepherd was then sung by the congregation.

A reading of “In Flanders Fields” (see history and words of the poem at the end of this story) was given by Pastor Paul McCormick.
The Last Post was played by Wiebe followed by two minutes of silence and the reading of names of those from the district who gave their lives in World War I and II. War I: 1914 - 1918: H. Adams, M. Anderson, W. Beatson, L. Bethune, S. Burge, J. Cagney, A. Creighton, C. Curtis, D. Edgar, C. Haughen, W. Irwin, M. R. Keffler, J. Leitheiser, K. Massey, P. B. Portway, W. Purdy, S. Smith, H. Stubbs, R. Tinsley, J. W. Watson, F. A. Weavers, F. Williams, E. Whittle and C. Wren. WWII: 1939 - 1945: Beverley Agar, August Bernard, Wilbert Bevan, Dale Butler, Alvin Broemeling, Ora Hall, Carl Kjos, Paul Larson, Conrad Martens, Rogers Pick, Jacob Rehman, Kenneth Rud, Gordon Shand, Curtis Smith, Ole Wyett Swanson and Fred Wittmack.

Pastor Wiebe then brought a message about Remembrance Day and serving others.

He said that “To kill someone out of rage or angry or jealousy is murder is punishable by the law. To stand up and fight for someone who is defenseless, is honorable and right!”

Other parts of the text of his message follows:

“ . . . I’m not sure what your tradition and heritage are. But I do know that some of you here this morning are war veterans. Some of you have family who have served in the First or Second World Wars and some of you may even have family and friends who have served more recently, maybe even in Afghanistan.

Full story in November 15 edition of The Provost News.
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STA Edges PPS in Volleyball Playoff;
• 3 Teams to Compete at Zone Playoffs Here This Weekend
Full story in November 15 edition of The Provost News.
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Cowboys Compete in Canadian Finals
Full story in November 15 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "If You Could Be Someone Else When You Wake Up Tomorrow, Who Would It Be?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Pam Germain, Cade Spencer, Mikayla Morrison, Sarah Clifford, and Jayme Foxwell.
Check out the November 15 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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