. . . as taken from the files of The Provost News
Aubrey McInnis and Curtis Kloberdanz, wed on October 3, 2009.
Patrick and Marcia White, wed on November 28, 2009.
Stacy McInnis and Todd Paddon, wed on December 19, 2009.
Jordan and Daniela Ratzlaff, wed on January 19.
Stacey McDonald and James Arthur, wed on March 29.
Kelsey Vollman and Ryan Knapton announced to wed on August 14.
Travis England and Melonie Vallee wed on August 14.
Bill Hovde and Lisa Secrist, wed on January 18.
Cassandra McIntyre and Joshua Stegman, announced to wed on July 2.
Gillian Mackie and Ryan Rosanky wed on July 3.
Radean Adams and Rory Lynch, wed on July 3.
Kellie-Ann Kazakoff and Alex Van De Meutter, wed on August 28.
Ashley Benoit and Shaun Spykerman, announced to be wed in October.
Karen Bovencamp and Ryan Manning announced to wed on November 6.

Tiffany Manning and Kent Davis, on May 24.
Preston Hoff and Shelly Boulton, on July 12.
Amy Hollman and Dustin McMann on June 7.
Rick Moody and Becky Currier on April 4.
Pamela Mackie and Phi Nguyen, on July 12.
Ruby Almberg and Tyler Larson, on July 5.
Trevor Currier and Amy Rodgers, on August 23.
Cindy Tripp and Courtney Dallyn, on August 16.

Terence Hanch and Janel Klasson on January 16.
Robert Wolfe and Suzanne Graham, on March 17.
Heather Degenhardt and Kevin Tercier on March 31.
Jill Holmes and Blaine Sherring on June 9.
Chad Smith and Kristin Lawes on July 21.
Ryan Botting and Leila Blue on July 7.
Jonathan Paulgaard and Helene Bursell on August 18.
Ryley Adams and Janelle Sieben on July 14.
Kimberly Hobbs and Jayden Anhorn on September 22.
Jennifer Burrill and Kory Dickson on September 29.
Cori Downing and Blair Morris on April 18.
Blake Landmark and Jill Stefanowski on November 14.
Sheldon and Kristina Tameling, on July 27, 2007.
Melissa England and Greg Poirier, on September 1, 2007.

Kevin McGillivray and Lisa McGinn on March 25.
Doug Stuckky and Peggy-Sue Driver on April 8.
Kelly Hawkins and Jennifer Blue on May 6.
Joel Kleinsasser and Elyscha Martin on May 6.
Rob Sannachan and Audrey Harries on May 13.
Bryan Anscombe and Leah Lawrason on June 3.
Stephen and Lindsay Dewald on July 29.
Brett Murray and Cindy Stahl on August 12.
Lee and Dawnelda McInnis on August 12.
Travis and Amy Gregory on August 19.
Trevor Schneider and Melissa Reinhart on September 2.
Mark Miskolzie and Penny Broemeling on September 23.
Jamie Hattum and Rhdonda Downing on October 4.
Duane Vye and Sandra Read on November 18.

Angeline Kendall and Graham Ansell on June 11.
Monica Motley and Tim McNeill on July 2.
Jody McKee and Michael Cook on July 16.
Brandi Walters and Craig Hedin on August 27.
Nancy Rehmann and Stephen Grzyb on September 10.
Shaye Thompson and Chris Ehard on September 24.
Kory Tizzard and Jenelle Ruth, on September 3.
Renae Mitchell and Bryan Skinner on October 1.
Raymond Craig and Carrie van den Elzen, on July 23.
Lee Larson and Corrina Bitzi, on October 15.
Lee Boisvert and Janine Mailer, on August 27.
Randal Syverson and Jennifer Reinhart, on October 29.
Craig Hedin and Brandi Walters.
Trevor Reschny and Amy Fischer on December 17, 2005.

Michelle Stuckky and Jarvis Siegel on March 6.
Corey and Chantelle Stuckky on December 2, 2003.
Danny Carson and Melanie Christensen on April 19.
Twyla and Noel Wirachowsky on February 21.
Darrell Grocock and Rhonda Knudslien on June 26.
Melanie Schamber and Dave DuMont on May 7.
Janice Harper and Brian Saville on July 24.
Sheldon and Tracey on June 5.
Jim and Janice Kohlman on August 20.
Chantel Nesvold and Christopher Hager on October 2.
Karla Martin and Roger Deeks on November 13.
Charles Swanson and Melissa Radke on August 14.
Tae Won Shin and Amy Baker on October 2, 2004.

Brenan Daley and Candice McDonald on January 2.
Richard Cowan and Shin-Ji Lee on March 1.
Stacey Clark and Collin Smith on April 2.
Bruce Kelts and Corinne Berg on May 31.
Kerry Degenhardt and Naomi Alton on February 22.
Leslie Heck and Marland Ottenbreit on July 12.
Michael Fleck and Tina Smith on July 19.
Faida Osinchuk and Scott Mayer on July 22.
Dwayne Smith and Mandy Babiuk on June 21.
Bruce Nickel and Maria Demo on May 16.
Catherine Rehman and Leo Malowany on June 28.
Tyler Lawrason and Jolene Fraser on September 27.
Leslie Page and Doug Stratichuk on August 30.
Brad and Georgina Hope on June 13.
Kelli Brost and Brandon Penman on October 18.
Trent and Pam Zacharias on September 20.
Cameron Stuckky and Melissa Rasmussen on August 2.
Danita and Darrell Stang on August 16.
Janet Wetzstein and Brian Hanes on October 25, 2003.

Tammy Ference and Trent Adams on March 23.
Tracey Pelsey and Derek Hirtle on March 6.
Janine McDonald and Curtis Hauk on March 16.
Curtis and Crystal Isaacson on May 25.
Robin and Cindy Folkins on June 15.
Garry and Trina Heck on June 20.
Colin Wells and Paula Rutledge on June 29.
Tyler Leibel and Jenille Sampson on July 13.
Darcy Skinner and Shauna Ference on July 27.
Barry and Michelle Livingston on June 8.
Jason Varty and Lindsay Kemp on June 22.
Wayne and Jo-Lynn Black on July 13.
Jordan Ruud and Amanda Ference on July 27.
Murray Lewis and Tonia Morrell on September 28.
Sheldon Rutherford and Janelle Melin on August 10.
Michael Rutherford and Shanda Lynne McInnis on August 10.
Bryce McNalley and Janine Berg on August 17.
Keiko Nittel and Nelson Wight on August 24.
Cheryl Stuckky and Michael Devloo on September 14.
Karen Webb and Bruce Sortland on September 21.
Kristy Skinner and Jamie Richardson on September 28.
Monte McGillivray and Raegan Thompson on October 12.
Cory Boddy and Gillian Harvey on September 21.
Michelle Lakevold and Travis Peacock on August
Brad Oxamitny and Jennifer Rasmussen on September 7, 2002.

Kjersti Larson and Saad Marshal on January 14.
Lindsay and Marilyn Everest on February 14.
Brian Sortland and Joyce Carson on April 20.
Sarah Cowan and D.J. Radmanovich on May 12.
Koreena Manning and Clint Kuziw on May 19.
Craig Heck and Bobbie Sonsteby on June 2.
Lisa McMann and Gary Stang on June 16.
J.R. Hope and Jessica McBurney on July 14.
Dave Todd and Maxine Peterson on June 7.
Ryan Gilbertson and Kelcey Ferguson on June 30.
Eldon Cook and Amanda McNalley on July 7.
Trent McDonald and Coreen Harris on June 29.
Brandi Holmes and Dana Arndt on August 25.
Lisa Lilja and Addin La Greca on August 25.
Allison and Clinton Reschny on July 7.
Linda Neff and Mark Lakevold on October 6.
Brian Downing and Christine Goodall on June 2.
Jodi Boddy and Adam Viljoen on August 18.
Roxanne Johnson and Regan Daley on August 18.
Joanne Reid and Jason Germsheid on December 22, 2001.
Shauna Colp and Kevin Bordeleau on January 1.
Nicole Gregory and Wes Ganser on December 1, 2001.

Cory Carroll and Trina Stuart at Red Deer on February 19.
Richard Large and Lynnette Anholt at Amisk on February 26.
Chad Geigle and Nicole McElhinney at Provost on April 22.
Kelly Wells and Ken Berry at Czar on May 20.
Trisha Sieppert and Doug Dambrowsky at Czar on May 27.
Curtis and Jennifer Fischer on June 3.
Leon Pfeiffer and Sheyleen Mumby at Red Deer on June 24.
Kirk Landmark and Anita Frost at Provost on July 15.
Lori McMann and Kevin Benko at Ribstone on August 5.
David Nelson and Judy Cooper at Provost on August 12.
Ed Pearson and Shelly Lepine at Metiskow on September 2.
Darrell Peterson and Rita Sivorot at Czar on September 9.
Janine Dieser and Kyle Nelson at Las Vegas, Nevada on September 11.
Trish Meiklejohn and Michael Ratzlaff at Provost on September 30.
Jennifer Hansen and Troy Miller at Kindersley, Sask. on October 21.
Gail Bourque and Colin Symington at Hardisty, on October 21.
Jason and Gabrielle Reinhart on August 19, 2000.
Cody Landmark and Brandee McNalley on December 2, 2000.
Colin Putz and Kari-Lynn Keller on December 30, 2000.

Bruce Appelt and Lana Hauck on November 6, 1998.
Robin and Trudy Busk on February 28.
Jay Motley and Julie Williams at Czar on March 6.
Wayne Hamernyk and Donna Harper at Lloydminster on April 24.
Kathryn Adams and Lee Manning at Czar on July 3.
Benita Fossen and Ron Rustad at Provost on July 17.
Pamela Hawken and Mark Heckbert at Provost on July 24.
Darrel Hauck and Alicia Graves on July 24.
Tracy Angeltvedt and Daniel Bonnefoy at Provost on July 31.
Rhonda Simmonds and Dean Welsch at Arm Lake on July 31.
Amanda Whitehead and Bryce Breunig at Edmonton on August 21.
Shawna Devey and Derek Tainsh at Czar on August 28.
Karmen Grocock and Wade Lunde at Provost on September 11.
Jim Sortland and Lisa Myers on November 13.

Keith and Tammy Heck on October 11, 1997.
Cindy and Lorne Paulgaard, October 18, 1997.
Dennis and Candy Schultz on November 5, 1997.
Jamie and Danette Rennie on December 6, 1997.
Dean and Jodie Bogstie.
Sterling Cuthbert and Amber Bargholz, March 7.
Brice Lakevold and Tammie Fehr on March 21.
Abe Klassen and Joan Brouwer on April 4.
Kent and Linda Swanson on April 18.
Jim Millard and Marsha Spilde on May 1.
Kevin Humilowich and Glenda Simmonds on May 2.
Doug Dewert and Anne-Marie Platana on May 9.
Lori Mackie and Stacy Swanson on May 23.
Bob Murray and Janet Fossen on May 30.
Thomas Hawken and Barbara Johnson on June 6.
Cole Rehmann and Corrine Minish on June 6.
Ron and Brenda Chopek on June 20.
Janine Hope and Perry Warren on June 27.
Sherry Hager and Mervin Kroeger on July 4.
Karrie Symington and Dean Gau on July 4.
Tracie Skinner and Craig Mailer on July 11.
Tara Carroll and Harvey Degner on July 18.
Richard Krauss and Coral Lee Harper on August 8.
Lori Schumacher and Nick Nikiforuk on August 8.
Lorrie and Chris Braid on August 15.
Jennifer Forster and Randy Flint on August 29.
Serena Wilson and Chris Sieben on September 11.
Gaylene Rohs and Bradley Paulgaard on October 3.
Deon and Cindy Sieben, October 10.
Leila Skinner and Greg Goheen on October 10.
Bobbi-Jo Tennant and David Hays on October 24.
Kelly Brown and Bruce Keibel on November 12.
Glenda Pearson and Kevin Lohner on November 14.
Judy Harrod and Charlie Stoltz on November 21.
J. Kevin Gallaway and Shelly Hoberg on November 28.

Dwayne and Carla Chopek at Provost on January 25.
Murray and Anita Haldenby at Provost on April 12.
Kim Lemon and Karen Rudnicky at Las Vegas on May 10.
Todd and Michelle Broadfoot at Provost on May 10.
Nicole Lapointe and Calvin Sayer at Provost on May 24.
Darren Olson and Amy Fischer at Chauvin on June 14.
Corinna Arndt and Bradley Hampson at Provost on June 21.
Crystal Symington and Michael Erickson at Duncan, B.C. on June 28.
Jenene Lane and Norman Ganske at Czar on June 28.
Patti Parke and Darcy Varty at Rosenheim on July 12.
Wayne Wahlstrom and Connie Halliday at Czar on July 12.
Carol Hobson and Darcy Fischer at Hardisty on July 19.
Lynnette Berry and Edward McDonald at Edmonton on July 26.
Colleen Fleck and Dean Kelndorfer at Killam on August 2.
Jay and Melinda Hager on August 2.
Philip Haggerty and Rachel Peterson at Provost on August 9.
Toby Broemeling and Walter Jones at Cadogan on August 16.
Dean and Lee Olson at Chauvin on August 16.
Gail DeLong and Shade Holmes at Medicine Hat on August 16.
Bobbi Lee Bendall and Trent Alfred Usselman at Provost on August 30.
Dana Fleck and Mark Gray on September 6.
Darren McGinn and Lisa Nelson at St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands on October 5.
Nicole Schultz and Keith Sanford at Sylvan Lake on November 8.
Patrick Skinner and Reo Walker at Chauvin on November 29.

Monica Dawn Pfeifer and Frederick Darrel Wildeman, at Czar on February 17.
Tanya Corrine Schultz and Adam Joseph Wotschell, at Provost on June 1.
Shelley Johnson and Kevin Todd, at Czar on May 11.
Tanya Oliver and Henry Nickel, at Provost on April 27.
Wade Campbell and Cindy Ference, at Amisk on May 18.
Karen Ruzicka and Rob Thompson, at Viking on July 20.
Lana Johnson and Jason Hudon, at Provost on July 20.
Jennifer Perry and Michael McMann, near Chauvin at Don and Bette Dallyns’ home, August 10.
Shauna Paulgaard and Robert Davidson, at Calgary on August 10.
Sheila Sewell and Kyle Koch, at Provost on August 10.
Trina Heck and Richard Heron, at Provost on August 3.
Jodi Maull and Jim Rowe, at Green Meadows on August 17.
Joanne Church and Rodney Paulgaard, at Provost on August 24.
Darlene Blue and Blair Gartner, at Provost on August 31.
Catherine Jones and Darryl Kjos, at Cadogan on September 14.
Penny Sieben and Jason Sware, at Provost on September 14.
Jodi Aker and Rod Granger, at Provost on October 12.
Jim and Lana Paulgaard, August 17.
Richard and Trina Heron, August 3.

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