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Bill and Ruby Laye, 60th celebrated on July 10.
George and Elsie Gaida, 65th in July.
Lawrence and Avis Landmark, 65th celebrated on June 20.
Vern and Fran McNalley, 50th, celebrated on August 6.
Helen and Albert Laye, 60th, on August 18.
Dale and Gretel Hager, 50th, on August 27.
Jeannette and?Harold Nordin, 50th, celebrated on August 28.
Arnold and?Verna Nordin, 50th, celebrated on August 28.
Jim and Ellamae Gunn, 60th, celebrated on September 25.
Roy and Connie Symington, 50th, celebrated on October 16.
Rodney and Carole Nelson, 50th, celebrated on November 13.

Clarence and Violet Larson, 60th on March 26.
Myrtle and Al Stanger, 70th on April 18.
Larry and Clara Schumacher, 50th on July 10.
Maurice and Kathleen Manning, 50th on July 5.
Ches and Joan Spornitz, 50th on August 8.
Alex and Priscilla Vass, 50th on August 2.
Jack and Emilie Beier, 70th on November 8.
Clarence and Kathy Taylor, 50th on November 29.
Jule and Margaret Dalby, 68th.

George and Maisie Hobbs, 55th on November 10, 2006.
Earle and Violet McGillivray, 65th on February 3.
Roy and Elaine Gilbertson, 50th on February 10.
Arnold and Helen Rehman, 50th.
Verne and Donna Holte, 50th on July 8.
George and Dorothy Murray, 65th on July 2.
Merle and Joyce Taylor, 50th on August 11.
Mervin and Gloria Anholt, 50th on September 23.

Joe and Rita Klein, 50th on April 4.
Hugh and Jeanne Cooper, 50th, on April 15.
Joe and Enid Masson, 50th on July 29.
Buck and Teresa Gregory, 50th on July 29.
Fritz and Velma Fleck, 50th on August 12.
Melvin and Ruth Haldenby, 50th on August 12.
Raymond and Evelyn Schultz, 65th on September 23.
Mike and Elizabeth Hauck, 65th on October 7.
Norbert and Olga Ganser, 50th on November 5.
Maynard and Hazel Hoff, 50th on November 12.
Norman and Ellen Schug, 50th on December 1.

Alois and Christina Breunig, 60th, on January 30.
Carl and Ruth Stempfle, 50th.
Don and Gay Scammell, 50th, on April 9.
Jim and Irene Miller, 50th, on June 25.
Ralph and Aletha Maull, 50th, on July 16.
Ben and Caroline Doetzel, 50th, on July 12.
Jim and Iris Pickard, 50th, on August 6.
Neale and Doris Charlton, 60th on September 3.
Jean and Ambrose Broemeling, 60th on August 15.
Arvid and Evelin Skinner, 60th on August 24.
Blond and Willie Walz, 50th on July 12.
Arnett and Phyllis Mills, 65th.
Wilf and Irene Trenerry, 50th on September 3.
George and Elsie Gaida, 60th.
Jule and Margaret Dalby, 65th on November 13.
Clarence and Dorothy Woyciehouski, 60th on January 1, 2006.

Norman and Joyce Larson, 50th, on April 5.
Wilfred and Lily Baier, 50th, on May 25.
Dick and Rose Hayes, 50th, on July 3.
George and Anne Schmidt, 50th, on June 14.
Pat and Shirley Horn, 50th, on July 10.
Jack and Mary Heck, 50th, on November 20.
Frank and Loreen Deck, 50th.

Bob and Arlene Manning, 50th, on February 22.
Paul and Marie Gaida, 60th, on April 27.
Osborne and Clara Lakevold, 60th, on April 28.
Norbert and Rosemary Biever, 50th, on July 5.
Con and Evamaria Neufeld, 50th on July 13.
Donald and Bette Dallyn, 50th on August 9.
John and Theresa Hauck, 60th on July 12.
Arnold and Ida Fleck, 50th, on October 4.
Arvid and Allene Paulgaard, 50th, on November 1.
John and Pat Skinner, 50th, on November 22.

Betty and Stan Peterson, 50th, December 31, 2001.
Ralph and Phyllis Manning, 50th, February 23.
Violet and Harvey Johnson, 60th, June 27.
Earle and Violet McGillivray, 60th, February 4.
Ernie and Mabel Hope, 60th, May 19.
Polly and Bert Large, 50th, June 1.
Francis and Joan Hochhausen, 50th, June 2.
Allan and Dorothy Johnson, 50th, June 11.
Allen and Dorothy Currier, 50th, June 15.
Cameron and Laura Dallyn, 50th, April 14.
Dorothy and George Murray, 60th, July 2.
Grace and Milton Lakevold, 50th, October 12.

Harry and Phyllis Read, 60th, March 10.
Oscar and Marlene Paulgaard, 50th, April 7.
Walter and Marie Wahlstrom, 50th, April 28.
Jessie and Louis Prost, 50th, May 26.
Bud and Gloria Masson, 50th, June 9.
Carol and Martin Berg, 50th, June 30.
Wilmer and Gladys McElhinney, 50th, July 22.
Bill and Elvie Brown, 65th, July 28.
Julian and Velma Sather, 60th, August 11.
Don and Shirley Manning, 50th, September 8.
Raymond and Evelyn Schultz, 60th, September 23.
Clarence and Stella Hoff, 60th, October 14.
Mike and Elizabeth Hauck, 60th, October 13.
George and Maisie Hobbs, 50th, November 11.
Leo and Alice Carter, 50th, December 1.

John and Pauline Vogel, 50th, July 1.
Rae and Janet Cameron, 60th, July 2.
Bill and Rose Carter, 50th, July 8.
Hilmer and Grace Johnson, 60th, July 16.
Bill and Ruby Laye, 50th, July 22.
Arnett and Phyllis Mills, 60th, August 10.
Ole and Olea Paulgaard, 50th, August 12.
Albert and Helen Laye, 50th, August 18.
Neale and Doris Charlton, 55th, September 2.
Eddie and Doris Olson, 60th.
Cal and Del Fulmore, 61st, October 11.
Harvey and Nancy Fossen, 50th, October 14.
Andy and Georgena Halvorson, 65th, October 17.
Harold and Betty Olson, 50th, October 21.
Jule and Margaret Dalby, 60th, November 12.
Carl and Hilda Heck, 50th, November 28.
Dick and Connie Austin, 50th, October 27.

Fred and Gladys Ferris, 50th, April 2.
Maurice and Mary Turcotte, 50th, June 26.
Jim and Sue Conly, 50th, July 27.
Raymond and Lillian Richards, 50th, August 8.
Lorne and Mary Ann Theaker, 50th, September 4.
Ray and Marie Ganser, 50th, November 13.

Tom and Winnie Clark, 50th, February 14.
Ila and Geoff Morrish, 50th, March 7.
Clarence and Violet Larson, 50th, April 11.
Frank and Olga Rehman, 50th, April 11.
Ross and Freida Meiklejohn, 50th, May 3.
Ken and Bette Anderson, 50th, May 16.
Joe and Tillie Walz, 50th, October 24.
Mamie and Early Beebe, 64th, October 25.
Peter and Mary Mailer, 50th, November 21.
Jack and Emilie Beier, 60th, November 8.

Ted and Dot Knox, 50th, March 17.
Alf and Ruby Aizzier, 50th, June 14.
Bob and Lorraine Pearson, 50th, July 20.
Benny and Lois Miller, 50th, August 30.

Charles and Florence Lund, 70th, celebrated March 9.
Hugh and Iris Symington, 60th, celebrated March 30.
Albert and Christina Vogel, 60th, celebrated June 1.
Roy and Helena Lawrason, 60th, celebrated April 27.
Harvey and Jean Wills, 50th, celebrated June 30.
Ed and Eileen Pahlke, 50th, celebrated July 20.
Margaret and George Wall, 50th, celebrated August 24.
Maynard (Bud) and Hazel Hoff, 40th, celebrated November 10.

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