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October 28, 2015


Braden Aker for this Atoms hockey club takes aim and fires the puck into the visiting Lloydminster goalie’s net on Saturday afternoon, October 24 as league play got underway at Crescent Point Place. Final score: Provost 8, Lloydminster 1. There are seven teams in this year’s tier 3 league with coaches for Provost being Darrell Huber, Nathan Aker, Darcy Varty, Kory Tizzard and Mark Joy with Gaylene Paulgaard serving as manager for the 10 and 11 year old players. Another local Atoms hockey club is being coached by Mel Angeltvedt, Brad Hawken and Wes Ganser. ©Provost News Photo.
See inside the print edition of The Provost News, October 28.

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More pictures, stories can be found in the print edition of The Provost News, October 28, 2015 including:

• M.D. Council Picks Contractor For New Cadogan Water Treatment Plant

• Violinists Earn Gold Medal From Royal Conservatory of Music

• Employment/Careers

• Men Bag Grain South of Town

• Provost Sr. Hockey Club in League With 8 Other Teams

• More Litter Found on Roads

• Frank J. S. Holmes Describes Zinc Halftone Quest to Use Photos at The Provost News in original May 27, 1936 Provost News edition.

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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "Are You Happy with the Results of the Federal Election?"
. . . and readers heard answers from
Bernard Bouma, Corrine Stupka, Glenn Slater and Albin Thunberg. Check out the
October 28 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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This, along with many other stories and pictures can be found in this week's edition of The Provost News.
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