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March 11, 2015

Linda Dallyn, who along with husband Brad raise cattle south of Ribstone, Alberta had two more youngsters to look after recently. Twin calves shown here are just over two hours old with one in the warmer—while another awaits its turn to dry off. The animals were born just before noon when it was -13 C. but with a windchill it was -21. Another calf was born the same day though at 5:30 a.m. when it was -30 outside. It too was brought into the barn to warm up. Calving season generally takes place from March to the end of April. A Salute to Agriculture is featured in this week’s print edition. ©Provost News Photo.

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Give Your Opinion on our website to this question:

Are you pleased or unhappy that more barriers are appearing for proposed inter-provincial pipeline projects in Canada?

More pictures, stories can be found in the print edition of The Provost News, March 11, 2015 including:

• Piling Snow on Public Property Causes Drainage Problems, Says Town

• Hughenden Jets Beat Provost in Sr. Hockey Playoffs, Advance to Play Irma in Finals

• Employment/Careers

• Century of Hughenden Golf Course to be Celebrated

• Czar IOOF Sending 2 People to U.N.

• Doors Open to Canadian Beef ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Calgary

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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "We asked Furry and Feathery Friends, Asking About Their World."
. . . and readers heard answers from
Govinda, Tippy, Farm Alarm and Awassi. Check out the
March 11 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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This, along with many other stories and pictures can be found in this week's edition of The Provost News.
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