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April 10, 2013


Part of a tower for an AltaLink transmission power project is carefully lined up and then stacked on top of an existing structure by an operator inside this Erickson S-64F Air-Crane helicopter. Later, another part of the tower was placed on top of this one. Business manager for Canadian Air-Crane, John Smith says that pilots average six to seven hours per day flying and that weights of lifts vary, but on jobs like this up to 18,000 pounds could be hoisted into position. There are two crew in the front of the helicopter and one in the back who takes over the maneuverability of the aircraft in an aft-facing station for the final connection of towers—the only type of aircraft able to do so. There were an estimated 64 towers constructed this way to a height of approximately 50 metres (160 feet). The Alberta Electric System Operator has stated the transmission system in the Hansman Lake area needs to be reinforced to meet the growing demand for electricity in the area. This picture was taken south east of Metiskow on Saturday, April 6 and on Tuesday the aircraft flew to Medicine Hat for another project. ©Provost News Photo.

Photo in April 10 edition of The Provost News.

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Mayor Ken Knox Looks Over 26 Years of Serving Town, Answering Over 40 Questions During Newspaper Interview

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Street Spokesman
This week we ask: "What Do You Like Best About Living in Chauvin?"
. . . and readers heard answers from Martina Skinner, Lance Lapierre, Betty Swanson and Caleb Ryall. Check out the
April 10 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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