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March 14, 2012

Victoria Putz rides behind dad Colin on this giant toboggan slide on the north side of Provost Lake on Wednesday evening, March 7. Top left under the light meanwhile are Edison Delina with five year old Madison who look at the speedy action down the 100 foot long run. Though the conditions last year made for a ride of up to 475 feet out onto the ice on the lake, Putz—who put in hours building the slide said this year the hill was a little slower. He had earlier warned his girls that the conditions might not last much longer so if they wanted they should go soon. They did—and another picture (in this week's paper) shows what spring-like warming did to the snowy slide by Saturday afternoon, March 10. ©Provost News Photos.

Photo in March 14 edition of The Provost News.

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Expert Archer Hits the Mark Against Almost Impossible Odds—Didn’t Know He Struck Target to Win $50,000 Truck
Jack McNalley owns a brand new truck after his arrow hit an almost impossible target at an archery competition held in Red Deer.

The 51 year old who operates CJ Archery just north west of Cadogan didn’t know he hit the target until he was called back from another event nearby and after it was announced over a public address system that someone hit the mark at the Westerner Agricenter.

Only one shot was allowed after each archer paid for the privilege of it but shooters were not told the distance to the target.

McNalley estimates it was approximately 68 yards (over 200 feet) to the target and before he shot, the archer had to use his binoculars to get a good look at the target.

The challenge was to hit a target with the arrow first travelling through an 11/16th inch round pipe—which was also tilted up at a five degree angle. Archers were also not told about the angle. The size of the pipe would be roughly the size of an adult man’s finger. As well, the arrow had to pass through without touching the pipe. If an arrow touched the inside of the pipe it would have been ruined so there was “not very much room on the sides.”

“It was a pretty small target” said McNalley who added he thought he missed the target entirely so went on to the next event.

He had been waiting in a line-up for the single shot and because he was scheduled to be in another event right away he was fast-tracked to get his arrow away. He estimates between 400 and 500 adults shot in that event.

Planner and promoter of the skills event, Jacqueline Belbin of Jackstar Promotions Events and Design told The News that the chances she calculated for hitting that target were 0.016 percent for 500 million archers shooting.

Belbin said that no one expected the Festival Ford Red Deer 150 truck valued at $50,000 to be won and added that there were paid archers including a world champion competitor taking part in the 2012 Mother Of All Shoots X - Hoyt Challenge. The weekend event was held March 2 - 4, organized by the Central Alberta Archers Association in co-operation with the Bighorn Archery Club.

There were 660 shooters registered at the weekend event with 2,000 people attending.

Full story in
March 14 edition of The Provost News.
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Four Minor Hockey Teams Advancing to Provincial Finals

Four Provost Minor Hockey teams are advancing to provincial competitions in March.

The 16 to 18 year olds playing on the Midget Tier 1 team will play in Lac La Biche March 16-18. Over the weekend they also won their league championship.

The Midget girls’ team, ages 15 to 18 will play in Brooks on March 16-18.

Rest of story in March14 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
It was Agriculture Week So We Chatted With the Animals:
. . . and we heard answers from Flac the Calf, Nura the Llama, Nocab the Pig, and Odis the Dog. Check out the
March 14 edition of The Provost News for their answers.
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