"90 Year Old Feels Lucky to Take Part in Harvest"
Best Photo Essay
The Provost News has won first place in recent national newspaper competitions.

The “Best Photo Essay” entry, (circulation up to 3,999) had also won first place in an earlier Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association competition. The latest entry was evaluated by a judge somewhere in Canada and features local farmer Harold Olson during harvest time. Second place went to Martha Perkins, Minden (Ontario) Times while third was awarded to Dave Cooper and Karen Wells, Lewisporte (Newfoundland) The Pilot.

The judge for this competition, Mario Bartel writes:

“A photo essay should tell a story. It should show the reader something they may not have seen before, give them a new appreciation for something they may take for granted, or cast the commonplace in a new and compelling light. A good photo essay should have a variety of photos, presented simply in different sizes, anchored by a dominant image. Don't be afraid to include a detail shot.

Richard Holmes' story about a 90 year old farmer in Provost, Alberta, who's still robust enough to bring in the harvest, stood head and shoulders above the rest. It had some nice images and a classic feel about it, the kind of piece Life magazine used to do back in its heyday.”

Click here for a PDF of the award-winning spread.

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