Voters Mark Ballots for
Local Candidates
Voters went to the polls in the area and across the province on Monday, October 15 as municipal elections were held. Unofficial results late Monday night include:
* = declared elected
•Town of Provost
Mayor Ken Knox has been re-elected by acclamation.
Ten people were running for town council and elected were: *Dale Gregory 459 votes; *Neil Whiting 348; *Tom Ward 339; *Michael Dennehy 312; *Dwayne Chopek 294; and *Betty Varty 272. Also running were: Bryan Mattock 245; Harold Reschny 231; Benny Miller 227; and Dan Stuckky 161.

•M.D. of Provost No. 52
Division 3:
*Lenard Kjos 82 votes; Warren Heisler 80.
Division 4:
*Brent Mercereau, 80 votes; Barry Halvorson 53.
Division 6:
*Larry Swanson 93; Percy Motley 86.
In the other M.D. 52 Divisions elected by acclamation were Division 1, Tom Schneider; Division 2, Allan Murray; Division 5, Jack Roworth and Division 7, Gillman Crone.

Village of Czar
Declared elected (*) at the Village of Czar were *Doug Dambrowsky 59 votes, *Bobbi Usselman 47, *Marlene Brown, 46 while Darrell Peterson had 31 votes.

•Village of Hughenden
Three people were elected to the Village of Hughenden council:
*Gary Larson 83 votes, *Janice Sayer 67, and *Wayne Cooper 66, while David Symington had 29 votes.

•Village of Amisk
Three council positions for the Village of Amisk were elected by acclamation: Ross Dean, Mervin Anholt and Don Anholt.

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Signs were up across the polls in the area (top) directing voters where to go to vote. Bottom shows some of early activity at the Provost Recreation and Culture Centre in town as people started to show up just after 10 a.m., Monday, October 15.

“You Can be Very, Very Proud” Former Culture Minister Tells Rosenheim Historical Society Members and Public
St. Norbert's Church during special celebrations on October 13. © Provost News Photo.
•25th Anniversary of Society Celebrated
The former Minister of Culture in the Lougheed government over 20 years ago told the public and members of the Rosenheim Historical Society on Saturday afternoon that “You can be very, very proud” for saving and restoring St. Norbert’s Church in the Rosenheim District south east of Provost.
Dr. Horst Schmid’s comments were made at the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Rosenheim Historical Society. He praised the volunteers over the years who worked to restore the church, adding that this building was the first historic site named in Alberta and compared it with the importance of saving other treasured sites like dinosaur bones in the Drumheller region while he served in government.
Schmid said that “coming here I feel like I am back in Bavaria where I was born.” He noted that president of the the Rosenheim Historical Society, Marion Kelch was a driving force to get the building protected as an historic site. He also paid tribute to the many volunteers including St. Mary’s Choir that was present and sang. Of the building Schmid added that “You children and your children's children will be proud of your accomplishments.” Volunteers, he said, make this community special.
At one point the building was nearly torn down but “No one would now dare to tear it down.”
President of the society Marion Kelch was M.C. for much of the afternoon ceremonies in St. Norbert’s Church and she gave a brief history of the building. “The Rosenheim Historical Society, on this day of celebration, joyfully welcomes its former parishioners as well as those from all other faiths, citizens from the immediate district and those who have come from distant places, those who over the last 25 years have supported our efforts with unprecedented loyalty and those who are here for the very first time.”
The construction of the church was initiated by parishioners in 1922. In 1976 the Rosenheim Historical Society undertook the challenge of saving the building from destruction and restoring it to its original splendor. The first society president was Leo Ganser.
St. Mary’s Folk Choir and band members from Wainwright High School performed musical selections that day.
MLA Robert Fischer brought greetings and complimented everyone who has maintained the building. He presented a plaque to the society president.

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