What Is BOOK?

BOOK, believe it or not, is just a book. But not just any book.
Created by Boyd Lyon and Joel Holmes in 2000, BOOK allows anyone, regardless of current physical fitness level, to progress into the body they've always wanted.

Shape your body, lift more weight, lose body weight . . . BOOK is an essential tool for doing so.

With BOOK, the user can track which exercises, body weight, sleep, cardio, and physical gains. To start, the user will assess themselves during the first week and then make it a goal to make improvements through the program. BOOK allows the user to maintain a perfect memory of how much weight they lifted, how many times, and how many spots were necessary on each set of each exercise.

BOOK has already paid off huge dividends as it has helped gym goers become powerlifting and olympic style weightlifting champions.
Don't fall into the "routine" of going to the gym without an agenda. It's frustrating to see people at the gym struggling to remember which exercises they did, what weight they lifted in the previous workout, or how long it's even been since their last workout. People who don't notice their gains become disgouraged and eventually lose interest in hitting the gym, thus failing to achieve their goals.

Being in a compact form (5.5" x 8.5") BOOK is very convenient and fits into your gym bag perfectly. There's no reason not to take it!

Warning: BOOK must be coupled with determination and a desire to push your body to its limit. Achieving goals requires diligent work and BOOK makes a great partner in the gym to push you to where you want to be. Do you have what it takes? Let's get serious about meeting your goals.

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