"Putting Some Sizzle in the Steak"
Best News Feature Photo Award Winner

Another calf received a brand owned by rancher Bryon Mailer shown in action on Saturday, May 30 (2015) as neighbours helped out. This photo won a 2016 national award at recent competitions. ©Provost News Photo.

Provost News Photo Winner in National Newspaper Competition
A photograph of a branding operation at the Bryon Mailer ranch at the end of May 2015 has won second place in a 2016 national newspaper competition.

The Provost News photo, called “Putting Some Sizzle in the Steak” was taken by editor Rich Holmes and illustrated some of the action taking place south of Cadogan, Alta. when approximately 120 head of cattle were rounded up by cowboys.

Winners amid a variety of categories were announced by the Canadian Community Newspapers Association during the Newspapers Canada 2016 conference in Edmonton on May 27.

Taking first in the Best News Feature Photo, (circulation up to 3,999) was Lyonel Doherty of the Oliver Chronicle, Oliver, B.C., with his entry of “Tense Moments” showing a man on a roof fighting a large fire with a garden hose.

Third place went to Richard McGuire of the Osoyoos Times, Osoyoos, B.C. with an entry called “Wildfires Rage in Every Direction.”

This year's judge, from Victoria, B.C. commented on the three winning photos: “While some may feel that the photography of smaller circulations may not match the quality of those in larger circulations, I beg to differ. The photography here lives up to all standards while offering up a unique and uncompromising look at life in smaller areas. Great photojournalism can be found in populations of all sizes . . ." And: regarding the second place win: "For some, this might be a challenging photograph to appreciate, but as documentarians, photojournalists have a job to do and the photographer here captures it well. Despite not seeing the emotion of the animal in the foreground the eye is lead to the cow in the back offering an unflinching look at the process of branding, a job well done."

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