Armed Police Find House, Move In And
Come Out With Man in Custody
Const. John O’Reilly moved toward a house with a his revolver drawn early Friday afternoon, May 19 while Cpl. Terry Wickett of the Provost RCMP moved in the same direction with a cell phone in one hand and a shotgun in the other. Several minutes later a man was taken into custody (above) and with hands behind his back was led to a police car by Const. Terry Link. The incident was triggered when members of the Provost RCMP responded to the call of a man with a gun who claimed he felt threatened. A 20 year old man was detained and taken to the Provost hospital for his own protection to be examined by a physician. There were no injuries and no charges pending following the incident on 49th Street. ©Provost News Photos.
Group Hopes to Build Walking, Running Track in Town
A local group of people are hoping to spearhead a plan to have a track in town that walkers and joggers can use.

Debbie Bishop, one of four people on a committee to push the project along told The Provost News that the track would be approximately four kilometres long, but she added in a recent interview that costs for pavement are escalating.

A gravel trail may be considered but another meeting will be held to discuss the situation.

The group may consider some fundraising and also look for in-kind contributions and monetary support from the community including the town.

The track committee, consisting of Bishop, Nicole Ganser, Annette Gregory and Brian Kemp “believes in it strongly”.

The three metre wide track, if constructed, would also accommodate strollers throughout town.

Part of the tentative route includes a treed area near the Lutheran Church, then continuing north of Hillcrest Lodge, then east towards the ParticiPark, near the M.D. office and schools and south to a new housing subdivision east of the golf course that is slated to be built this summer by the town.

The group has permission from the town and M.D. for the route generally chosen.
Bishop had tried to get interest in a similar track a few years ago but now feels she has the right mix of people showing strong interest to make the project go ahead.

She said that if this track is constructed then in the future they might consider an expansion of it around the Provost lake so it could be used for 10 K races.

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M.D. Approves $14 Million Budget
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Provost Public School Honours 23 Graduates, Amid Theme “Dream Big”
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "Are You Worried About a Bird Flu Pandemic?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Gary Jones, Neal Nelson, Jacqueline Landry, James Dillman, and Rolly Willick.
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