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M.D. Toughens Fire Fines and Burning Regulations
The Provost M.D. 52 has toughened its fire bylaw by increasing fines and other rules.

M.D. administrator Iris Larson says that the changes were triggered by an incident that took place early Saturday morning, May 6 east of Provost at a bush party (see PN May 10).

Now residents in the M.D. will require a fire permit at any time of the year instead of from April to October which has been the practice the last several years. This is intended to give the fire departments a chance to know where most of the fires are at.

As well, Larson said in an interview with The Provost News on May 15, now someone can be charged for adding fuel to an unlawful fire.

The M.D. also changed the fine from $150 for obstructing a municipal constable, fire guardian or a member of the fire chief's office in performing their duties—to $500 for the first offence and $2,000 for the second offense.

At the May 6 party that police said was attended by 150 to 200 people, some were seen adding wooden pallets to a fire that firemen were trying to put out under a M.D. ban. The fire truck was pelted with beer bottles and firefighters were swore at by some of those at the party.
Firefighters training and some other exceptions will be allowed so not 100 percent of the fires will require a permit. If an incinerator or barbeque pit is properly constructed and the proper fuels are burned some may not need a permit. Other requirements for such a fire would include a screen mesh over the fire and no flame is to be over 3.3 feet tall.

Part of the M.D.’s fire regulations read (and there is more to the bylaw not printed here):

1. Fire permits are required 12 months of the year.

1. An application for a fire permit for an outdoor fire or a structure fire shall be made to a Fire Guardian verbally or in writing and the Fire Guardian shall receive and consider the application and after having done so he may, in his absolute discretion, issue or refuse issuance to the applicant.

1. When issuing a fire permit a Fire Guardian may issue the fire permit unconditionally or he may impose conditions considered appropriate.

1. Fire permits issued pursuant to this bylaw are valid for such period of time as shall be determined and set by the Fire Guardian issuing the permit, but in any case shall not exceed five (5) days, the fire permit shall have endorsed thereon the period of time for which the said permit is valid.

1. Each application for a fire permit must contain the following information:
a) the name and address of the applicant;
b) the legal description of the land on which the applicant proposes to set a fire;
c) the type and description of material which the applicant proposes to burn;
d) the period of time the fire permit is valid;
e) the precautions that will be taken by the applicant to ensure that the proposed fire remains under his control;
f) the signature of the applicant;
g) the signature of the Fire Guardian issuing the fire permit.

1. Where an emergency or a potential emergency exists, the Fire Chief or their designate shall be empowered to suspend all structural fires, incinerator fires, outdoor fires, or any outdoor camping fire lit for cooking or warming purposes within all or a portion or portions of the Municipal District for such a period of time and on such conditions as may be determined by the Fire Chief or their designate.

1. A fire permit shall not be transferable.

1. A fire permit shall not be issued to a person who is less than 18 years of age.

A fire permit is not required under this bylaw for the following:
1. An incinerator or barbecue or fire pit provided that;

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