‘My Father Told Stories About Early Life Here’—Author, Who Based Book on Recollections
Author Celia B. Lottridge tells family tales from Provost in a book she wrote called “Ticket to Curlew” and also shows a sequel (right) she wrote called “Wings to Fly”. In the centre photo is her father Roger Barker by the family farmhouse near town with the horse that is portrayed on the cover of one of her books. Story in this week's paper. ©Provost News Photo.
500 Workers Needed for $250 Million Terminal in M.D.
A $250 million crude oil terminal will be built by Enbridge Inc. in the M.D. Provost No. 52, south east of Hardisty in response to a higher demand from United States refineries.

Spokesman for Enbridge, Gina Gottenberg told The Provost News in a telephone interview from her Calgary office on May 8 that the bulk of the oil shipped through the new terminal will originate from northern Alberta’s oil sands but other traditional oil production could also be pumped to eastern United States markets.

Construction is targeted for this summer, pending regulatory approvals and at its height will call for 500 people.

Gottenberg said there will be some full time jobs after construction because of the new facility but did not know how many people would be needed.

Construction of the terminal includes 16 more tanks with a capacity of five million barrels of crude oil that will be added to the existing eight storage tanks nearby.

The tanks will range in size from 250,000 to 530,000 barrels. Construction is estimated to take between 24 to 30 months, and it is anticipated the facility would be in service in September 2008.

The new terminal will be located close to, but separate from, Enbridge's existing regulated mainline system terminal, and Enbridge's 50 per cent-owned Hardisty Caverns partnership. Like the Hardisty Caverns partnership, the new terminal will provide services on a long-term contract fee-for-service basis. The company has entered into letters of intent, for terms averaging seven years, on 80 per cent of the initial design capacity; and is in active discussions with additional parties whose interest exceeds the remaining capacity. The design of the facility includes ample room for future expansion.
“Our new Hardisty contract terminal is a key piece of our broader terminal development initiative,” said Enbridge president and chief executive officer Patrick Daniel. “We currently have 15 million barrels of tankage under long-term contract, with another 30 million barrels under development at eight different locations, and a total investment opportunity of $1.5 billion. Many of these projects, like the new Hardisty terminal, are scheduled to be in service in the next two to three years.”

Daniel added that “Demand for terminating facilities is very strong as a result of growth in oil sands production, seasonality of markets, and greater price volatility. The new Hardisty facility has low cost expansion potential and will position us well to attract additional business as oil sands production continues to grow.”

In addition to the 16 new tanks will be related piping, manifolds and booster pumps to facilitate crude oil transfers to and from the new facilities and the Enbridge mainline system and other connecting carriers and terminals.

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Firemen Taunted, Bottles Thrown by Unruly Bush Party Crowd
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18 Students Honoured Saturday Evening at Hughenden Public School Graduation
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "Will a Canadian Team Win the Stanley Cup?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Coleman Charlton, Charlotte Roworth, Noah Marchand, Angela Golinowski, and Geoge Roadhouse.
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