Farmer Ron Keller of Provost rounds the bend in his loaded grain truck, catching up to neighbour Cliff Paulgaard’s unit as it waits its turn to drive inside Agricore United’s world class terminal a few miles east of town. Manager Darrell Huber at left gets this birds-eye view from atop the facility at 150 feet up. The wheat unloaded from these trucks are to be put on railway cars to Thunder Bay where the grain will be re-shipped. Agriculture Week is now being observed here; more features and pictures in this week's issue. ©Provost News Photo.
$3.5 Million Seniors’ Condo Project Stalled
A Sherwood Park businessman who is willing to spend approximately $3.5 million on a 24 unit seniors’ condominium project in Provost says he is being slowed down and “I need a decision to be made.”

The units will be designed for those over aged 50, says John Vrolijk.

The businessman wants to put the condos near Hillcrest Lodge and says he is still waiting for a price on the land controlled by the Provost Senior Citizens Home Foundation.

He has been “waiting since December 2005 for a price.”

Vrolijk has already ordered preliminary drawings and hired an architect.

He says there is still a question of a proposed expansion of Hillcrest Lodge in town that needs to be dealt with so harmony can be used in the building plans.

Mayor Ken Knox earlier told The Provost News (Nov. 20, 2005) that the intention is to connect the new private building to Hillcrest so that there could be social interaction and even possibly Hillcrest Loge selling certain services to the residents of the new building. Services might include meals and laundry.

Vrolijk said in a telephone interview on March 10 that if there is no firm date on the proposed Hillcrest Lodge development “then I don’t have a firm date (to build or people to move in) unless I begin on my own.” There are, he added, “a bunch of other things” in addition to the pricing of the land that have to be dealt with for this project to go ahead.

The plans for the condo call for each of the 24 living units to have about 1200 square feet with two bedrooms. Underground parking will also be available.

The developer told The News in an earlier interview that after doing an overview of Provost and the surrounding trading area he believes buyers will come from Saskatchewan and those living in smaller homes in Provost. He will want to pre-sell the units before building but doesn’t see marketing as a problem. Typically the units are designed for those 50 years and over, but the reality, says Vrolijk is that many of the purchasers are over 70.
The developer points out that the more investors come forward, the less need for financing. The last project he did was in Camrose where he did not have to wait for finances from a bank because they had enough money to start the project.

A brief timeline of events as recorded by The Provost News—
July 19, 1995
Renovations worth $530,000 are underway at Hillcrest Lodge.
Oct. 4, 1995
Sixteen Hillcrest Lodge residents spend night elsewhere after fire department puts out fire.
April 29, 1998
A fire at Hillcrest Lodge evacuates 69 residents. Sparks from an electric grinder caused the blaze. Provost fire fighters get called to Hillcrest Lodge as well as a vehicle accident simultaneously.
May 13, 1998
Hillcrest Lodge burns again with an entire wing having to be replaced.
July 29, 1998
A $2 million building and upgrading project will begin at Hillcrest Lodge.
Nov. 11, 1998
Workmen on site at Hillcrest Lodge working on the new addition.
Nov. 18, 1998
Hillcrest Lodge looks to community as building costs rise.

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Group Inspects Texas Dome Sites;
Committees Struck for Multi-Purpose Rec. Facility
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask Kentucky Students, (see PN March 8): What is Canada Well Known For—Or Can You Name an Outstanding Canadian?
(Interviews by phone, photos by Pam Bishop)."
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