Wind Turbine Firm Encouraged by
Local Interest

Landowners listened to information given in Metiskow about a proposal for a wind farm in this area—and they also looked with interest at a series of slides including this one (above) which described possible financial payments to those who participate in the project by allowing Gale Force Energy to lease land. The Thursday evening, April 20 meeting was called to order by local rancher Ed Masson who has been hired by the wind turbine firm as a landman. It may be difficult to spot, but the combine shown working in the lower centre of the left picture compares the size of the electric-producing turbines. Each blade can weigh up to nine tons with power lines buried about three metres (almost 10 feet) deep. Story in this week's paper. ©Provost News Photos.
Czar School to be Kept Open
The Czar School will remain open despite some concern over falling enrollment.

Buffalo Trail Public Schools trustee for this area, Dave Nelson told The Provost News that the school board passed a motion unanimously to keep the school open at its recent board meeting.

He said no more meetings are planned over the issue.

“It helps the people down here feel more comfortable” to see that the whole board is behind keeping the school open.

“The board wants to keep schools open” Nelson said who added that the superintendent put forward about a dozen options for the school at the last board meeting.

Taxpayers including parents with children in school and others from the Amisk, Hughenden and Czar communities met on March 1 in the Czar gym to discuss declining enrollment.

Low student populations at schools in Amisk and Czar triggered the original meeting that was attended by 200 people (see PN March 8).

“This is not a school closure meeting” Buffalo Trail Public Schools superintendent Greg Bass said at the time.

Local people were encouraged to write or contact the superintendent or board with their input by April 1.

Bass will meet with the Czar School parent council in May to explain the decision, added Nelson.

Czar School has 19 students with normally Grades 1-6 taught but this year there are no Grade 1 pupils. At Amisk School there are 66 students in Grades 1-8 while at Hughenden School where Grades 1-12 are taught, 216 students attend.

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Amisk Marks 50th Year Since Incorporation as a Village
Story in April 26 edition of The Provost News.
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‘I Put a Lot of Drugs Into This Town’
I screwed a lot of people up and didn’t care . . . but now I care and feel bad about what I've done—ex-dealer
In an effort for the public to better understand certain illegal and mind-altering street drugs The Provost News is presenting the third of a four part newspaper interview series.
Story in April 26 edition of The Provost News.
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Street Spokesman
This week we ask : "What Do You Like Best About Bowling?"
. . . and we heard opinions from Laine Scheck, Breanne Worobo, James Bond, Alex Nyberg, and Andrew Scott.
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