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Man Spent $67,000 Smoking Crack in First Year
‘My using friends were liars, cheats and thieves. I was learning how to die, not live from them’
In an effort for the public to better understand certain illegal and mind-altering street drugs The Provost News is presenting the second of a three part newspaper interview series.

This testimonial describes in detail what it was like for a young man to suffer the consequences of smoking crack cocaine—and the turn-around in his life that he is now experiencing.

He requested that his real name not be used so a pseudonym (substitute name) is being used.

“Lyle” talks about the first time he used crack cocaine, how one of his friends died from it and other upheavals in his life. The recovering man who in his youth played junior hockey and other very competitive sports “never ever dreamed that there was a chance I would become an addict.”

This is his story about smoking crack cocaine that delivers large quantities of the drug to the lungs, producing an immediate and intense euphoric effect.
Provost News: What did it feel like the first time you used crack cocaine?

“Lyle”: Euphoria. I wasn't sure what to expect and wasn’t actively seeking it. It was introduced to me by a friend and he knew my mindset so he thought it would make me feel better.

PN: What was your mindset, why did you take it, what was happening?

Lyle: I had problems with my childhood including a history of sexual abuse, stress at work, family troubles due to isolation problems as well as a death in the family. The death of this person was something I wanted to fog over too. I felt I needed to put the blinders on to make me feel good and forget about the problems of real life. I used my drug to have a higher opinion of myself and to block out anything that I thought could hurt me.

PN: Did it work?

Lyle: It worked at first. The drug was my best friend but then became my worst nightmare.

PN: How long did you take this drug?

Lyle: Approximately a year and a half to two years.

PN: How did you use it?

Lyle: I smoked it in a pipe.

PN: What problems did it cause you?

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. . . and we heard opinions from Amanda Paulgaard, Marcia Heck, Lana Fossen, Ann Marie Penton, and Raegan McGillivray.
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