Provost Hosts Alberta Twilite Prov. Championships
Former Altario resident Lyle Lorenz tries to steal home for his Red Deer Twiliters team with bases loaded—but pitcher Duane Olson for the Provost Buds baseball team tags him for the third out of the inning. The action was held over the weekend as Provost again hosted the Alberta Twilite Provincial championships. Games went August 9 - 11 at the fairgrounds with teams from Amisk, Peace River, Calgary, Keoma, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Spring Lake, Spruce Grove, Provost and Tofield hitting the field. Because of rain on Sunday, a winner was not proclaimed.
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Group Seeks M.D. Support for Multi
Billion Dollar Irrigation System . .

A group called the Strathcona Action Committee is lobbying the Municipal District of Provost No. 52 to join a plan to push for a multi billion dollar irrigation system that would provide more water to this part of the province.

Spokesman for the group, Paul Orlicz of Sherwood Park was in Provost on Thursday, August 9 and talked for an hour to the M.D. 52 council.

The group is looking for interest from counties and MDs to decide if enough political pressure can be put on MLAs and the entire provincial government to impose a levy on the petroleum industry of five cents a gallon or $2.50 per barrel of water that is injected deep into the earth and is lost to normal use.

He estimated revenues of $1.6 billion per year if the levy is imposed by the province.

Orlicz says that he does not want ordinary Albertans to pay for water that is in normal use (other than transmission or filtration costs as is now done).

The massive irrigation system would be used to pipe water to ranch and farm operations but could also be extended to towns or villages if water supplies became scarce.

The water plan diversion being looked at was developed about 30 years ago but was never constructed because of cost.

It is being proposed that water from the North Saskatchewan River be diverted to other bodies of water such as the Battle River and then piped to various locations.

Orlicz talked about rural development and a drought-free prairie “ . . . this is the way you’re going to do it.” He also pointed out that “you don’t want to shut down the oil industry” and suggested that if a levy was imposed two events could take place: the money would be paid so a huge irrigation system could be established; or the petroleum industry would find a different method (or curtail the use of the water) other than using the water that others want to use.

“The issue is, if you want your farms and ranches to survive.” He told members of council that if they are not in favour of such a plan “there is no sense in taking it on.”
The Sherwood Park man stated that the way it would be set up is not to directly attack injection by the petroleum industry.

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Local Actress in Play, Earns Scholarship
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Piranhas Bring Back Medals from Regional
Swim Meet—Nine Advance to Provincials

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Street Spokesman
We asked: "What Do You Like Best About Playing Twilite Baseball?"
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