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Aging Town Office to be Replaced by New One

Provost councillors have decided to demolish the town office building and put up a new one on the same location this year.

The unanimous decision was made Thursday night at the council’s monthly meeting.

Mayor Ken Knox cited several reasons for the move: a sewage pipe problem under a cement slab that can not be reached without tearing up the floor; the roof leaking; undersized mechanical units in the building and problems with storage—and says the mayor, “We’ve outgrown it.”

Knox added in an interview that they are hoping to put up the new building for $500,000 or less and have saved up the money.

Chief administrative officer Terry Hurlbut says that the existing building was costing $10,000 to $20,000 per year on maintenance.

Hurlbut adds that because the money has been saved over the years for such a project the new building will “not affect the mill rate or taxes.”

Plans are to demolish the town office by May 1 and have the administrative operations moved to the new fire hall while construction is underway. It is anticipated that the building will be complete by the end of August.

There is mold in some walls and it appears that an electrical upgrade would be needed in addition to other problems in the building built in 1963.

“We’re kind of excited from a staff point of view” says the chief administrative officer and points out that the design and look of the building will be similar to the new town library kitty-corner from the town office. The building will have a wood frame, an asphalt shingle roof with stucco and brick veneer on the outside.

The size of the town office including the old fire hall is 4,724 square feet but not counting the fire hall available space is currently 2,730 square feet. The new administrative office will be approximately 4,480 square feet.

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